Friday, April 2, 2010

ABC's Report Last Night on the Pope...

Did anyone else watch ABC world news last night?

I have to say that I was kind of shocked by the new report on the Pope. While they still used the majority of the segment to bash Catholicism and the Vatican (we couldn't possibly expect reporting without an agenda, could we?), it seems that they couldn't deny the fact that the Pope, while still a cardinal, had done his best to go after a suspected pedophile.

This new view is rather at odds with the picture that they were painting earlier in the week.

After all, if you believe the earlier (very false and poorly done) reports then this makes absolutely no sense. Of course this doesn't mean that they'll check their earlier stories (from the previous week) and admit that they were so far off base as to be reporting a fantasy story full of half truths that they apparently couldn't be bothered to fact check.

That would be asking for a bit too much.

I have to say the mainstream media has done a great job of distracting everyone from the healthcare issue. Even I have been so distracted by these new stories and responding to them that I haven't written about the monstrous bill that promises to pay for the murder of innocent children... I

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