Friday, April 16, 2010

A Cat Scratch

If you ask Sadie where the kitty scratched her she can show you instantly. She flips her little hand over and shows anyone who will look the tiny line that runs across the back of her wrist. It's less than an inch long, but she enjoys pointing it out, as it is one of her bigger "ouchies."

She's lucky that it isn't bigger.

Delilah is the cat version of a saint. Sadie spends all day climbing on her and following her around. I would feel a little more sympathy for Delilah, however, if when Sadie wasn't following her around the house, she would stop following Sadie. The attachment between them definitely seems to be mutual (which is completely beyond me since Sadie doesn't quite have "gentle" down yet, although we talk about it about three dozen times a day). The other cats are much better at staying out of Sadie's reach (mostly). Delilah doesn't even want to.

I rescue Delilah a few dozen times a day. And because I'm not exactly quick these days, I miss a number of cat rescues. And I have thought, every now and then, that Sadie has deserved a scratch or two. For the most part though, Delilah refuses to defend herself from Sadie's "cuddles."

Two days ago, however, I was too slow getting across the room and it resulted (finally) in Sadie's tiny scratch. Sadie was sitting on the couch next to Delilah. She was being very gentle (which is why I'd let my guard down). She'd given Delilah a few hugs, when suddenly, mid hug, she leaned too far forward and fell of the couch. And of course, she brought Delilah with her. Delilah was unharmed and Sadie didn't make a sound. But then she noticed the tiny scratch on her wrist and for the last two days has been showing everyone her ouchie.

They're inseparable again though. I'm just hoping Sadie really gets the hang of the whole "gentle" idea soon!

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