Sunday, April 25, 2010

Head Covering of the Week

I love snoods. I love how they look and I love how they stay in place when tiny hands are desperately trying to rip them off of my head!

I periodically will give the chapel veil another try, only to have Sadie remind me five minutes into Mass of the reason that I made the switch in the first place when she rips the veil off my head, hair pins and all and places it on her own (even when I bring her her very own veil!). And someday in the far off future, when there are no little hands grabbing at my hair, I'll be able to master wearing the chapel veil, problem free, through an entire Mass.

But for the next few years I'll probably be leaning more towards wearing snoods for the most part (and sometimes hats, although Sadie gets pretty obsessed with the brim of my hats too... but at least hats don't involve pins!).

I love the site that this snood is from and I love this twist on the traditional way of wearing a snood!

Snoods have the additional benefit of keeping your hair out of the way while your going about your day! They really are very practical!

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