Monday, April 5, 2010

The Gift Card Project: Getting Ready for the Holidays Early

I have a new strategy I’m working on to help us get ready for the holidays (and birthdays too). Every two weeks I’m picking up a gift card and putting it away. That way, we’ll be set with presents for all the nieces and nephews by summer. And hopefully that will help us avoid the shock of spending that comes along every December (and can take me a couple of months to pay off).

So far I’m looking at Build-A-Bear cards for the littlest kids (and hopefully no one else has Sadie’s fear of the Bear-Stuffing machine) and maybe Nike or Barnes and Nobles cards for the older ones. Paul is a big fan of Amazon (as am I!).

Hopefully I’ll get a nice little stash of gift cards and will be prepared when birthdays come along too! I’m excited to see how my little plan is going to work out.

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  1. To curb costs in my family, we stopped giving out presents to everyone. We decided that all the uncles, cousins, etc would buy gifts for the grandparents and that the grandparents would buy gifts for the children and grandchildren.

    My husband's family they all buy gifts for each other. We haven't been home so we only buy presents for our parents and my brother (my husband doesn't have siblings and my brother's single). If we do end up coming to my husband's big family get togethers, I may suggest having a secret santa or using my family's tradition. Buying gifts for everyone is too darn expensive. And I protest buying gifts for hubby's cousins' children. There are like a bunch of cousins and that to me is too far removed. But they all live in the same area.


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