Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Sadie Sleeps!

Sadie slept through the night last night in her big girl bed! I put her down a little before eight and she showed up standing next to my bed staring at me and making little puppy whimpering sounds some time around 6. Ten whole hours of toddler sleep!

I'm really hoping it lasts! We switched over to Pull Ups two nights ago, because the normal diapers were no longer working at night and I'm not sure how the switch is contributing to her suddenly sounder sleep, but there does seem to be a connection. She went from waking up five to eight times a night, to waking up three times a night two nights ago, to sleeping through the night last night! That's really quick progress and it makes me love Sadie's new little pink princess Pull Ups (which she's quite thrilled with too because of the whole pink princess aspect of them).

I remember that third trimester sleep usually isn't the best... but I'll take all the sleep that I can get these days! Sleeping from ten to six last night was a dream come true!

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