Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Maggie Rose's Baptismal Gown

I haven't done much baby shopping this time around because, with a not yet two year old daughter, we pretty much have everything we need (we have been stocking up on diapers!). I finally bought three little Maggie outfits at Costco and two little outfits at Walmart and so have now spend a whooping $30 on Maggie's wardrobe. Last night though, I finally splurged (after talking it over with Paul the night before and made the one big purchase I'll be making before Maggie's born (I'm not counting the kind of big purchase of a new crib mattress since Sadie is sleeping on the old one in her toddler bed.

Maggie's very own Baptismal Gown.

I always wanted to buy each of children there own (I know it's not the tradition!) because I wanted to have them framed afterwards in shadow boxes that would hang in our house and then get passed on to each child when they were grown (I had a friend who's parents had there's framed and I loved it!).

I discovered One Small Child when I was pregnant with Sadie and that's where her gown came from. The slips can be embroidered and we've gotten a Shamrock, the baby's name and the date of the baptism on each one. Sadie wore the Virginia and now Maggie will wear the Lydia.

Here are pictures of Maggie's from the website:


  1. Oh that is beautiful! We're sticking w/ one per gender... is so hard to find a boy gown that isn't ridiculously priced though. I found one that's not too bad, but was double what Kalila's was. :-/ I love the one you're getting though. So pretty...

  2. That is a BEAUTIFUL gown! I like your idea, but when your children become parents will they be able to take the gown out of the box and use it (or is it fixed in there?)

    The gown we use is on my husband's side and is a beautiful lace and silk gown that my mother in law found at the closing down sale of a swanky department store. She had to have it and now it gets passed from grandchild to grandchild.

  3. Hi Helen-
    They just use little pins to keep it on the back of the frame, so they can take it out and use it for their little ones. I've seen instructions on how to do it online, but I think the frame would be awkward a shape that we'll probably have to have one custom made, because both of the gowns we've found are so long.

    I hope you're feeling well!


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