Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The 12 Week Appointment (with pictures!)

Thank goodness it's over!  Bed Rest has officially been lifted!  The baby looked wonderful in the sonogram today, measuring right on target, with a heart rate of 182.  There was a lot of wiggling going on.

I also started the antibiotics and while it's only been five hours I think the cough actually sounds less horrible (viral my foot!).  But that just could be my desperately wishful thinking because I'm not sure it could really work that fast.

And I got an okay to go for the chest x-ray, and headed straight over after my OB appointment, so now we're just waiting on the results (after they took the first x-ray I heard the tech say:  "there it is!" which led to much speculation on my part about what that meant.  There what is?  My lung?  A foggy cloud of pneumonia?  A giant tumor?).

Of course being told I have asthma means that I suddenly notice when I'm wheezing and breathless.  Which causes me to wonder how I possibly could have missed it before?  Denial?  And I made the connection between wondering about the breathlessness I'd been having in the past month before I got sick and the diagnosis (that was a particularly dense moment... not realizing it earlier).

In other news the answer on the VBAC was a very adamant "no."  But at least she explained why medically she thought it was much too high a risk for me personally, considering my last two births and the reason for my other c-sections (being that 1 in 200 woman that had cephalopelvic disproportion on a previous labor doesn't help me convince anyone).  I can't even honestly be in denial about it being CPD with my first birth since my pelvis actually broke the skin on her head, and having seen the injuries that were still evident after about a month, I can't really deny what happened (now I was always skeptical about the nurses who couldn't stop talking about how small my pelvis was.  I personally think it had more to do with the giant babies).

Having had two over nine pound babies, combined with the c-section history made the answer a no, and since I know she does do VBACs I actually trust that she's making the decision based on my medical history and not some hospital policy which means I'm (sadly) willing to accept it.

So, barring a disaster in which the next baby is born in the car on the way to the hospital, it looks like birth #3 will be a c-section too.

Oh well.  I guess I knew it was a long shot.

But... I am feeling significantly more relaxed!  We passed the 12 week mark!  Baby is healthy and wiggly with a strong heart rate!  And that was the awesome news I was nervously awaiting!

And now for the pictures!


  1. So glad everything looks good. And congrats for getting off bed rest!

  2. It is so great that your little one is going well and you are off bedrest!

    I'm sorry about the VBAC being a "no" but at least your doctor considered your case and explained to you her reasoning (which does make sense).

  3. I know it's disappointing to be told no about the VBAC (I never got the nice natural birth I wanted either, so I do commiserate), but look at it this way, if CPD is truly a problem you could spend hours and hours in labor only to end up with a C-section anyway. This way you go into the surgery reasonably well rested. I say that because I had a friend who insisted on trying for a V-Bac after failure to progress with her first. She had a doctor who had wonderful success with V-Bacs and natural births. After 36 hours of labor they finally ended up doing a C-section. She wasn't just disappointed, she was exhausted as well.

  4. Hello beautiful little baby! :)

  5. Congrats on the healthy baby! And thank you for posting the link to the term used with this issue. I, too, have this, and it's very frustrating trying to explain to the pro-natural crowd that this really IS the reason I have to have c-sections--I just don't have a cut-happy doc! :-) Maybe if my FIRST baby had weighed only 6 lbs. like my third did instead of 9 lbs., it would have been a different story... :-) Glad to hear the baby is doing well and you're able to be up and moving again.

  6. I remember reading somewhere that JFK's mother Rose had 11 Csecs! And I think she lived to a ripe old age so although it sucks; I think you can at least feel like you have a doctor you can trust. And that you don't have to limit your family size. (hopefully you'll take my comment as encouraging)

  7. Look at that sweet baby! I love those U/S pics where the baby looks like a cute little gummy bear (still have my second daughter's gummy bear pic on the fridge 7 years later). Sorry you didn't get the answer you were hoping for on the VBAC.

  8. Congrats! What a cute baby!

    As for the c-section, at least now you know. I think that's a good thing, to know beforehand. Now you can prepare for it.

    All good news! Congrats again!


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