Friday, May 4, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday (The Second!)

--- 1 ---

We're pretty excited right now.  We found out this afternoon that Paul has an internship back in the small town that we lived in for the first five years of our marriage (give or take a few months).  It's working in the courthouse and it means escaping the swamp... um... I mean Florida... during the scorchingly humid summer.  Right now I'm pretty sure that 110 degrees California style is going to feel down right pleasant when compared with the 90 degrees sweltering swamp temperature that we've become (kind of) used to.  I can't wait to breath nice, dry air again.

--- 2 ---

Sadie spent a good portion of this week trying to convince me she was old enough to enter into a convent.  She's apparently taken her favorite saint's example to heart and we have a daily conversation where she tells me she's old enough to marry God and we need to go right now before it's "too late" (really kid?  You're three!).  A couple days ago she insisted on putting on her habit and then, when that didn't get me packing up the car, changed into this outfit and continued her unrelenting campaign:

--- 3 ---

Paul's finals are halfway over.  Three of his classes have been completed and there are three more to go.      I can hardly wait!

--- 4 ---

Mae Bae said her first two word phrase last week.  After eating quite a bit of take out, frozen food (and some wonderful meals that were bought over from wonderful neighbors!) I warned Mae Bae that I was taking something out of the oven and that it was hot.  Mae got very excited and announced:  "Hot Food!"  Two words!  Not bad for someone that had only said one word names (Mama!  Ba!) up until that point (she's since added "blue" while holding a blue crayon to her vocabulary).  

--- 5 ---

It's 7:45 and Paul is already asleep, recovering from week 1 of finals and getting a tiny bit of sleep before week #2.  And can you guess what I'm watching on Netflix (Season 5 is the clue... oh and my late night rambling on the blog facebook page because I'm a big, easily frightened wimp!)?  I have to get my BBC program fix in before we go back to small town California... in an area where high speed internet is still a dream... and my instant netflix account will get no use...

--- 6 ---

I love knitting when I'm pregnant.  Okay, to be honest, I love knitting all the time, but especially when I'm pregnant because I can make teeny tiny sweaters and I can finish them fairly quickly.  However it does make me wish for a world with seasons, particularly seasons in which the temperature drops below 65 degrees.  I'm making a beautiful merino wool sweater right now, with lovely thick discontinued wool that I bought a few years ago... maybe a native Floridian baby would be able to wear it during the 60-something degree depths of winter.  I have noticed that some of Sadie and Mae's friends do getting pretty bundled when it drops below 70...  Maybe it won't be entirely useless.

--- 7 ---

Now to get to work...  I'm trying to restock my rosary selection little by little.  I made one for myself and the girls both love it:

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  1. I do hope you are talking about Doctor Who. My family is eagerly awaiting season 7!

  2. I know what you mean about being in the swamp! We are heading up to a wedding in Indiana in June and I don't care if it is 100 degrees while we are there, at least there won't be gnats! :)

  3. Cam,
    I'm so excited that you are going to be in California. Maybe there will be a way for us to meet up!


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