Monday, May 14, 2012

Busy as a Bee

The next few days, like the last few days, are going to be complete craziness.  Yesterday the house began to look kind of organized.  Finals week, and the previous weeks of bed rest, had not been kind to our little apartment, and while I was mostly able to keep the kitchen, living room and dining room fairly neat (with the dining room trailing behind in last place with a pile of the girls' laundry that waited for quite a bit before making it into the closet), the rest of the house, particularly our bed room and the office, was in shambles.  The master bedroom looked like about 20 law school books had exploded across it, with print outs of cases scattered across every available surface.

I spent about 3/4 of yesterday unburying the bed.  First I moved all of the theology books out onto book shelves that are now in the dining room and discovered we had enough to fill two book shelves... that somehow made the move all the way from California... Then I rounded up all the flash cards (and realized they were definitely contributing in a major way to the chaos) and put them in a neat stack.  After that I made a four inch tall pile of the assorted papers, uncovering the book layer that was beneath them.  Finally the books made their way onto the newly cleared shelves with three blank shelves remaining to hold next years law school books.  I think we may finally be getting somewhere.  The bedroom is finally beginning to look like a bedroom again, although I'm pretty sure there's another hour or two of cleaning before it's finished.

The girls' room is in pretty good shape at the moment and is quick to clean anyways, so my main focus will be finishing up my shop orders (I'm waiting for one custom order to come in before I close my shop for 14 days), cleaning the bathrooms and lastly the office, packing (the most stressful part of that is packing up what I need to keep my shop open this summer!), and then organizing everything I've cleaned before now, that will likely be in need of being cleaned again before tomorrow night.

Which makes me panic a little!  Tomorrow night!  Is that really how long I have?!?!

Blogging will likely be rather irregular between now and Thursday (and then spotty depending on internet access on the road!)!  This week snuck up on me!


  1. IF you need a place to stay or need a pit stop in Houston, my house is open. Best of Luck on the trip back home and away from this weather. ICK

  2. Hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!


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