Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Latest in Chaplets and Rosaries!

After I tired myself with some light cleaning this morning (I organized the top of two book shelfs, but my endurance is pretty low, so I'm taking things slowly), I decided to take some photos of my latest projects so I could finally post the latest chaplets and rosaries I've been creating in my store!  One of the ups of not being able to sew for a couple weeks was I finally started working on chaplets, although I still have quite a few ideas bouncing around inside my head, and I'm promising myself that this summer I'm going to do a better job of balancing my stores, so that none of them are neglected when it comes to knew ideas.  

My supply of Saint Gerard Chaplets has basically been restocked, because he was one of the saints on my mind these past months!

And so here's what I've been working on.  I took the past few weeks to work with some of my all time favorite beads and so you'll see a lot of those here!

(I love the cool weight of this one!)

(I tried natural light and artificial, but neither quite did these beads justice.  Especially the dark, aurora borealis purple Our Father Bead!)

(The fun color and perfect shape of these dyed stone beads sometimes reminds me of bubble gum!  Although I don't think I've ever seen bubble gum that color!)

(this is a better shot of those beads!)

(Sadie loves these beads!)

(with a different medal!)

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