Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Totally Random Saturday Morning Post

This may end up being a totally random post, because I seem to be i a totally random mood this bright and early Saturday morning.

Apparently last night my blog was acting all wacky and rerouting people somewhere else?  I know it also can be bizarre about commenters and not letting people comment, but I have no idea how to fix it (because as long as your not posting as anonymous, it should let you comment!).  I'd adjusted the comments hoping that have a combox instead of imbedded comments would help people comment, and I know that worked for some people, but it looks like there are still some problems.  It looks like whatever happened last night was fixed though and I didn't get rerouted when I checked it this morning... looks like blogger worked out whatever it was that happened...

Speaking of last night, I remembered why I really dislike living in on campus housing after midterms and finals are over (although I think this complaint is specific to the apartments... and at least it's only a few times a year...).  Last night it was a girl in a sparkly sequined dress/shirt banging on Sadie and Mae's bedroom window at 3 am.  The white noise machine, which had been blocking sound out like a champion all night, can only really be expected to do so much... and Sadie who can sleep through her sister screaming at the top of her lungs, was up and in bed with me after much banging and pounding.  Sigh.  Hopefully it's not an all weekend party.  Paul went out to see if everything was alright (I'd peaked out the window but didn't want to open the door by myself to a likely inebriated stranger at 3 am...) but whoever it was had apparently realized they were in the wrong place and moved on...  I would have really thought the gigantic double stroller parked next to our door was clue #1 that this might not be your friends place...

Moving on...

Usually reading the stories on the Yahoo news ticker doesn't make me feel even vaguely good about the direction our culture is headed.  The news about the shows that are being canceled this season actually kind of did.  ABC is canceling GCB (you know what that stands for, right?) and Pan Am.  Does that mean they've realized that basing entire shows on raunchiness may not be the best idea (or is that too much to hope for?).  And Harry's Law was canceled. I only watched the show once, and apparently caught the "let's be trendy and slam the Catholic Church repeatedly while blatantly misunderstanding her teachings..." episode, so I can't say I'm sad to see it go.  Interestingly enough the writer/producer of the show has a whole section about his... difficult... relationship with Catholicism (it basically sounds like he enjoys slamming in on his shows) on his Wikipedia page.

I don't think it's really sunk in that Paul is actually done with finals.  Mae Bae is going to be thrilled.  While Paul had really made an effort to spend as much time with the girls, obviously most of his time was spent in the library or computer labs studying, and Mae Bae was to the point where she would sob when she saw him walk out the front door, inconsolably.  She's going to be pretty excited about all the Daddy time coming in the next couple of weeks!

Now to get back to organizing.  We have some major work to do over the next four days and I'm hoping I can finish most of it this weekend.  Our house looks pretty chaotic at the moment, after I emptied the shelves to move book cases around yesterday.  Today I'll try to put everything back together.


  1. Cam, please don't overdo, especially with regard to lifting and lugging things.

    Safe travels!


  2. My naivete is clearly showing, I didn't think that sort of thing went on at Ave Maria...

    And yes, please take all that moving cleaning stuff slow. After all you were just on bedrest a couple weeks ago.

  3. I don't think it goes on at the University itself... the law school is about half an hour away from the University and has a much larger population of non-mission students than the undergraduate university has.

    I was surprised when we first got here too!

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