Thursday, May 17, 2012

14 Week Bump and a Maternity Dress Renovation

Here is the latest bump picture with my new favorite maternity dress.  It's a dress that I bought from Motherhood Maternity during my last pregnancy... but after wearing it once I knew that I needed to make a number of changes.  So I cut off about five inches at the bottom (it was way too long for me to begin with) and set to work.  I re-hemmed the skirt (and finally hemmed a second maternity dress so that it's now wearable too).  Then I cut off the straps.  They were flimsy, tiny bra like straps with adjustable rings (one of which broke during the limited time I'd worn it) that kept slipping down making the dress even more revealing than it was when they were cinched all the way up.  I used two strips of cloth to make new, sturdy straps that stay in place.  Then I cut out another piece of fabric and made a quick permanently sewed in insert across the neckline that means I don't have to worry about the v-neck showing too much (before I was tugging on it every 10 seconds).  

That's the latest!

And I think this is another gigantic baby.  After two over 9 lbs I think we may be nearing a 10 lber... because I'm already feeling like this bump is huge...


  1. Great refashion!! You're looking so well and I hope everything continues to be so. :)

  2. Or maybe twins!?! :)

    I had a guy at work yesterday tell me "Wow you've really got it goin' on!" I thought he was complimenting that fact that I was pregnant and wearing 3" heels, makeup, and my hair was done. Uh, no. He clarified by saying "I mean, you're really showing - you're really big. You sure it's just one!?!"

    Le sigh.


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