Friday, May 18, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday: Road Trip Edition

--- 1 ---

I am desperately trying to stay awake right now.  It's eight o'clock central time (which means it's a pathetic nine o'clock for me) and my eyes are barely open.  I really need to start adjusting if I don't want to be falling asleep at the dinner table when we arrive in California.  If I could just convince Mae to sleep past 4 am (when she woke up this morning for the first time...) staying up past 8 might be a tiny bit easier...

--- 2 ---

Paul disagrees with my earlier post about how we view road trips in different ways.  See my view of it is that he likes to hurry up and get wherever he's going, while I feel like I like to take detours and enjoy what's along the way a little more than he does.  He said what I really needed to tell my readers was that my idea of a "fun detour" is finding the Krispy Kreme in Biloxi Mississippi.  His idea of a fun detour is driving a few hours out of the way to see the Grand Canyon.  What he doesn't seem to realize is that these two wishes aren't mutually exclusive.  It's not like we have to decide between Krispy Kreme and the Grand Canyon...

--- 3 ---

We booked all of the motels and hotels for our entire trip through Hotwire.  It was a little addictive, searching for low prices on hopefully nice hotels, pressing book and then waiting for the name to pop up to see if I'd just booked was someplace lovely or not-so-nice.  So far it's worked out really well, with the majority of hotels being big name places that would easily cost at least twice the price (if not much more) if we'd booked during a normal travel site.  However when I was attempting to find a place to stay around El Paso, the website seemed determined to send me to Mexico.

Repeatedly I'd see an awesome price for a four star hotel and be oh-so-excited.  And then I'd realize that the site was gushing about the proximity to the American Embassy and would briefly wonder why there was an American Embassy in El Paso... until I realized that the Juarez hotels had been thrown in just for fun (I hadn't realized yet that there was a box to uncheck if you didn't want to extended areas thrown in).

I can just imagine what Paul's reaction would have been if I'd booked a hotel across that little section of the border...

--- 4 ---

Mae Bae has a routine when she arrives in a hotel room.  First she runs a few laps back and forth.  Then she sprints over and picks up the phone and starts pressing buttons while Paul and I scramble to get it away from her.  After that she goes after the alarm clock and sees if she can set it off.  If she can't (or even if she does) she tries to knock it to the ground. Then there's more running, followed by finding an empty garbage can and carrying it around proudly.  If the air conditioner controls are low enough she'll go and play with them, or attempt to climb the air conditioner.  If any hotel pens have been left anywhere that a not-quite-2-year-old can reach my next job will be to wrestle them away from her...

No wonder I'm so tired by 7 o'clock at night!

--- 5 ---

Later in the week Paul is going to get to show the girls and I his Alma Mater.  My guess is he's going to try to convince them to grow up to be little Wildcats...

--- 6 ---

Does anyone have a favorite place to attend Mass in San Antonio?  I'm sure I can google it and find whatever is closest to where we're staying, but I thought some of you might have some ideas!

--- 7 ---
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  1. Why not attend Mass at the San Jose mission?

    There are several other still-active missions in and around San Antonio, as well.

  2. Are you stopping in Phoenix Metro area?!

  3. Oh! My husband and I went to Our Lady of the Atonement in San Antonio once when we were traveling. Here's their website:

    I highly recommend going there!! They are an "Anglican Use" Catholic parish (totally approved by the Vatican, safe to go to) and it was just gorgeous when we were there a couple years back. I think we went to the 9am Sunday Mass...

    Anyway, hiiiiighly recommend this parish!

  4. Are you going to be here on Sunday? If you want the TLM, the only place for it is St. Pius X and I think it is at 12 noon. Your husband might find Our Lady of the Atonement interesting as I think it was one of the first Anglican Use parishes in the US. As far as Saturday vigil Masses go, anywhere is fine, but I don't think there is a TLM anywhere on Saturday nights.

  5. We always go to the Anglican Use church (Our Lady of the Atonement). I recomend the high masses at 9:00 or at 11:00. Arrive early (15 to 20 min) so you don't get stuck in the back. It small and kind of dark.

    Wish you guys could come to mass with us at Our Lady of Walshingham but you'll already be in San Antonio by then.

    We have also been to the Cathedral.

    I've been one one good mass (New Years Eve on our Honeymoon) and one bad Mass. (Not sure which Mass time it was but I didn't like it because they didn't follow the "rules.")

    Best of Luck with finding a place.

  6. For Anglican rite Catholic church, you can't beat Our Lady of the Atonement: From what I remember, they had mass in Latin and it was very pretty. Then there is the basilica of St. Teresa which is so beautiful: I always loved the masses at the cathedral of San Fernando right at the heart of downtown, although I'm disappointed with the renovations. It will never be the same. Still, there is so much history. You could always go to mass at one of the missions, several of them are still active parishes. Hope this helps. San Antonio is my hometown, I love it so much!

  7. I have some friends in San Antonio that attend Our Lady of Atonement. It's an Anglican Use Catholic Church, the first in the US. It's actually very cool, a bit like the Tridentine Mass, but in English. Definitely worth checking out!

  8. Definitely Our Lady of Atonement!!!


    I'd go to Mass at one of the oldest Churches.


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