Thursday, May 3, 2012

And the winner is!

I have been seriously behind on announcing the latest giveaway winner in all the craziness of the last week.  But I finally got around to it and the winner of the I Just Can't Take It Anymore book drawing is...

Delta Flute!


I have to say that there's only one thing I don't like about the little giveaway gadget and that's that if I "announce" the winner on the gadget it gives away way too much personal information so I don't use the announce button and just type out the winner here!  I wish there was an option of just showing the persons screen name!

As soon as I have your mailing info Delta Flute I'll get your new book in the mail to you!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks! You know oddly I don't remember actually entering, but it's those pleasant surprises when you forget that you clicked a few buttons and wah lah you get something as an early Mother's day gift. Right? :)

    I think I still have your e-mail somewhere. I'll send you my physical address.


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