Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Needle Felted Angel

I've been staying busy on the trip for the most part, and somewhere in far Western Texas I pulled out my bag of wool and started needle felting.  I figured it was a dangerous idea, after all, I stab my fingers when I'm needle felting on a good day, and so needle felting in a moving car seems like a rather risky idea.  Still, I decided to give my rosary making calluses a break, and set out to make an angel for the top of our Christmas tree.  

A ridiculous amount of white wool, and two hours, were devoured before the finished project was complete, with Sadie and Mae cheering from the back seat as we pulled into El Paso and me repeatedly asking Paul if he thought it was good enough.  And so, here's the finished tree topper (complete with dashboard background):

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