Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pictures from the Last Day of Bed Rest

Mae Bae found a treasure this morning, a clear blue ball that she thought was pretty wonderful.

Of course, no toy can compare with Maximus.... Mae loves Maximus...  They even pout together:

Sadie models a dress up dress.  She's been very into Mulan lately...

I love this picture:

Sadie was very concerned.  You see the dress has slits in the side since the skirt is so narrow and she was sure she'd accidentally torn it somehow.  I had to reassure her that that was just how it was made.

Mae Bae and her Binkie are looking pretty serious in this picture... Possibly because Sadie is visiting Maximus:

And then the running began.

And she ran around and around and around the apartment.

So much energy!


  1. Sadie looks so grown up in these pictures! Mae is adorable with her little pout. You can tell by the glint in her eyes that she likes to give you a run for your money. She reminds me of my middle daughter. Always up to something!

  2. Sadie does look so grown-up! That Mulan dress is lovely.


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