Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Random "Still Pregnant" Post

All day long the toddler was glued to my side.  I watched her closely.  She seemed to be feeling better... but clinginess is not a typical trait for my second born.  She's the one who likes to go to her room by herself.  When we were in a one story apartment she'd go into her room and shut the rest of us out and play for long stretches of time by herself.  So I was a bit curious about what brought about this change.

She spent most of the day laying, with her head against my stomach.  Cuddling with her brother? I wondered.

She occasionally comes over and hugs my baby bump, but she's not nearly as fixated on all things baby (unlike her big sister who has whispered conversations and tells The Boy that she loves him).  She's still a bit young for that.

Then this afternoon she started tugging at my shirt collar and acting like she wanted to nurse.  I was stumped.  This was the kid that only nursed when she was hungry.  She's been weaned for a little more than half a year and wasn't really all that put out by being cut off.  And she apparently thought all the collar tugging was hilarious and cracked up as I warded off her attempts.

Tonight I realized the reason behind this sudden milking fascination.  Her toddler super senses apparently told her, before I knew what was going on, that the baby's milk had arrived.

This must mean that labor is close, right?  Or is it one of those "it could be hours, it could be weeks" type of things?


On a totally different note, I could hug the reader who tipped me off to albuterol stopping labor.  My labor signs were strong until two days ago when this newest illness got so out of hand that I began relying on my inhaler to breath.  They totally stopped after I began using the inhaler.  I haven't used my inhaler in seven hours now and the contractions are starting back up again.  Sure I'm walking around the house wheezing like crazy... but I can deal with that.  If it means baby can arrive in his own time I'll just take things super, super easy (and going outside in the freezing air seems to help when things get out of control).

I'm very, very thankful for the inhaler tip though!  The doctors are increasingly anxious the closer we get to our due date, so I'm really hopeful things get moving soon!


Will this be a Halloween baby?  Or will I get my Saint Martin de Porres feast day baby (over a year ago after we lost Christian I'd prayed that we would be blessed with a little one, born on his feast day... and we're getting pretty close).  I pointed out to Paul that we already have a baby born on one major pagan holiday (the summer solstice), maybe this little pumpkin will be number two.


  1. Thanks for posting! I keep checking your blog and face book to see if the blessed event is in progress!

  2. I'm beginning to think that you and DD may have babies on just about the same day!

    She is due Thursday, and will go into the hospital at 4 am (???) that day to (she hopes) get things going, first with Cytotec; no Pitocin right away. Her doctor is willing to work with her (she wants to avoid a c-section if at all possible. Little Gabe is approximately 9 lbs. according to the ultrasound, but could be as much at 10 lbs., as the u.s. isn't really accurate.

    I'll head over there shortly after he's born; they want a little bonding time, just them, first. They've waited so long for him, I understand!

    Here's hoping and praying there are two easy labors and two healthy, strong brand new little boys in the world by this weekend!!!

    God bless!


  3. *waves* Pagan baby here! My mom's doctor told her that I would probably arrive on All Saints Day. Nope-I was born on Halloween! I loved it though; I had some great birthday parties growing up. :) Hang in there, you're almost done!

  4. So this may not be what you want to hear, but nipple stimulation, such as nursing, can stimulate production of oxytocin. So if you want to let her at it, she might help things along a bit. Or perhaps some alone time with hubby... that's what prompted my labor. :D

  5. I'm so glad to have helped! It's funny how the Holy Spirit works, I just started reading your blog a few weeks ago :). I went two weeks late with my first because of the inhalors. Coincidentally, I went into labor with him on Halloween. He was born on All Saints Day, Nov 1st! Mu.cinex helps with the wheezing, and you can always have your hubby pound on your back a little to open those lungs up. Praying for you and a safe delivery soon! God Bless- Renee

  6. To breathe: if your having a wheezing attack, try one of the extremes--steam from a hot shower, or stick your head in the freezer. As an asthma sufferer, I try one of these methods before I hit the inhaler.

    For your youngster: she knows the baby is coming. I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet, but there is such a thing as "middle child syndrome." As a middle child myself, and having 3 of my own (hence, another middle child), this is a real and true predicament.

    Inside her cute little mind she knows that when the baby comes (soon!), your attention will be focused mainly on him. Your older daughter is "older" and gets things first, and your little boy will be the baby and be, well..."babied." That leaves the middle child--can't do some things the older child can, and doesn't get the attention of the baby.

    Lots of hugs, kisses and encouragement ("Will you help me with the baby?") will help keep the addition of the baby a joyful occasion.

    God Bless!!



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