Saturday, October 20, 2012

Counting the Minutes...

I'm waiting for infectious disease to come in and clear me to go home!  A doctor already came in early this morning and questioned me on whether or not I really feel 100% and asked a bunch of questions to make sure that I'm not just giving the right answers so that I get to go home.  But I'd be way too afraid of getting super sick a third to not tell them exactly how I'm feeling at this point!

I'm definitely ready to get the saline lock out of my arm (I think I'll probably dance after that happens, because my arms are pretty excruciating at the moment... that's the thing that's super uncomfortable at the moment!).

I can't believe how good I'm feeling right now.  I kind of suspect that I may have been sicker for longer than I realized and thought that it was just the regular aches and pains of pregnancy... because I haven't felt this ache/pain free for a couple of months.

I'm so excited!  It's going to be so great to be home!


  1. So glad they will be springing you! PLEASE STAY WELL! Prayers still being said.


  2. Prayers that the saline lock is out of your arm by now! Boy do I hate those things!


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