Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy Feast of Saint Therese:

I shared these on the blog facebook page, but I also just had to share them here.  Since today is Sadie's favorite saint's feast day, I let her put on her Saint Therese habit and run amok.  Mae wore her Saint Catherine dress, but wasn't about to consider the cape or the veil.  Sadie started out by posing for a picture:

Pretty quickly she became obsessed with the fact that Mae Bae's dress is still slightly too long... and was getting dirty pretty quickly:

Sadie did manage to take breaks from worrying about her sister's dress to have fun though (and to talk about how she's a "big nun" while Mae is clearly just a "baby nun."

And was Mae convinced by her sister's admonitions to not get dirty?  Nope.  She headed straight over to the dirt pile (where Paul filled in a pot hole with potting soil) and started digging... and was thrilled to find a toy that she buried there earlier in the week...

Sadie was not impressed with her sister's antics and informed Mae that cats go poo there (she saw me bang on the window and shoo a huge tomcat out of our yard earlier this week...):

Mae Bae actually responded by stretching out on her tummy in the dirt/mud... I only caught a picture of her getting back up...

Sadie finally gave up on Mae's dress after many assurances that it was okay, and that I would wash it with the soap we made when we went back inside...

And Mae finally got tired of getting filthy:

And came over to try and wipe her hands off on me...

Sadie was still playing the part of watchful old sister though...

As Mae did laps around the backyard:

And finally it was time to take the girls inside and get cleaned up.  We read a bunch of Sadie's books that have Saint Therese in them, and even Mae sat still for an entire hour and listened.  Sadie is still wearing her dress (some three hours later) and Mae is chattering away through nap time (I can hear her upstairs!).  Now to go down the the basement and check on that dress... this will be the ultimate test of my homemade detergent:


  1. Can't you just see Sadie as a stern teacher nun at the front of a classroom of kids...

  2. I imagine that any drivers going by must have done a double-take at the sight of a tiny nun in the yard. :)


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