Friday, October 19, 2012

The Comment Policy of the Moment

Usually if a person doesn't use profanity, I'll publish their comments and try to respond to exhaustively illogical notes.

However, at the moment, from my hospital bed, after a week of being poked and tested, all day and night, I'm not quite up to dealing with the craziness... So... if you're looking to convince my readers that killing the unborn is okay, or your just looking to be mean and tear apart my blog, than your comment isn't going to be published right now.  I'm focusing a little bit more on getting better, and a bit less on letting trolls take up even five minutes of my time.

After this post, that is.

Now to get some sleep!


  1. Some people just have nothing better to do, apparently.


  2. Just dealt with the same thing myself. Anonymous people obviously have nothing better to do. Prayers!

  3. You go! I can't believe people sometimes. Bad enough they'd do such things on a normal day, but just now? You have EVERY right to say, you know what? I'm not dealing with your bullcrap right now. ~click!~

  4. Do yourself a favor and do that all the time.


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