Saturday, October 6, 2012

Autumn has Arrived...

Autumn is my favorite season... and Autumn in Michigan has been especially spectacular!  The leaves are changing and so yesterday, when we drove past Paul's school on our way to do errands, I started snapping pictures and we took a detour through the campus so that I could get a few shots of the beautiful brick buildings and the brightly colored trees.  

Arriving home this afternoon we finally switched the heater on again (up until this point we'd had in on twice, for a grand total of 45 minutes).  Amazingly 62 didn't feel cold to me inside (it was 40-something outside when we left this morning and Sadie was insisting it was warm, so she must be adjusting too!), but Paul prevailed that we needed to bring it up a few degrees for the girls.

We did find a wall of $6 fleece footed sleepers yesterday at Walmart and since they were exceptionally long Sadie managed to fit into a size 5 and Mae a 4.  I have a feeling that when we're around the house there might be quite a bit of fleece sleeper wearing going on.  

Now presenting Michigan's fall colors!  I love them!


  1. LOL, you're behind. Over here in Minnesota we are already past peak for fall colors. (at least here north of the cities). It was 32 degrees this morning.

  2. Jealous!!!!!

    Those photos remind me of the gorgeous Indiana University campus, where DD and SIL#1 went to school. It was simply glorious in the fall; I think that one of the reasons E. chose to go there was because we first visited in October.

    October has always been my favorite month; something about the crisp air and gorgeous colors (growing up in New England... not here.) Today it was about 85, though pleasant enough. Supposed to get down as far as 75 tomorrow.

    I really hate the deep South this time of year...


  3. I grew up just a bit south of you in OHIO and your pictures are making me home sick!

    The south is a bummer when it comes to real seasonal beauty.

  4. You're killin' me!! It's 85 here today in So. Georgia and I am homesick for Michigan.

    The pictures of campus remind me of heading up there to hang out with friends in the fall of 95. I hear Sophie B Hawkin's "As I Lay Me Down" in my head.


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