Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The False Alarm

Beginning to Feel Better...
I am home and the baby is still staying put... for now.

It turns out the "feeling sick" last night wasn't labor.  It was the flu.  And despite drinking liquids pretty much non-stop, I couldn't keep up with the liquids I was losing from being sick and that kicked off labor.

It was definitely a good thing that I went in for many different reasons.  First off, my resting heart rate was 150, and baby's heart rate was high too and I had a fever of over 100.  It took over two bags of fluid to get our pulse's back to normal, and the fever dropped too (although it seemed to make a comeback later on).

Once the fluids were in and our heart rates dropped the contractions went back to being 10 or so minutes apart (and we're at 2 1/2 to 3 cm now).

Another reason that I'm thankful for the trip, however, is that I'm much less nervous about going in for labor and delivery.  All three nurses that I saw were wonderful.  The first told me that she'd originally been trained to be a midwife.  My doctor was on call and I was able to talk with him more about the VBAC and he said that the OB resident who was there that night had offered to be my doctor if he wasn't there and if the other doctors on call had a problem with allowing VBACs.

Everyone was really supportive and great (even the girls seemed to like the floor and were certainly made to feel welcome there, while Paul was helping me get settled).

They even called in another doctor from another part of the hospital to listen to my breathing and confirm that it was the flu (and ran a whole bunch of tests, including agreeing that the Strep B test should be run again after I explained what happened and how I didn't believe it had actually been done).

For the first time since I was in labor with Sadie, I'm actually really good about the hospital and am far less hesitant about going in!

Now to get some sleep. Just in case baby changes his mind and decides to arrive tomorrow!


  1. Oh man! Glad you went in. Feel better!

  2. Whew! So glad that you know what was going on and had a good experience with all the medical personnel. Get some rest!


  3. Good to hear things are ok and you're feeling relaxed.... take it easy! :)

  4. Who knew? I am praying for you! :)

  5. God is good!!!!! Praying for your health, and that you are able to rest. And giving praise for your wonderful experiance!!! Blessings

  6. Ah, Cam, we know you're not really worried. You just can't wait until you have your new baby and you can lay a while with him in the hospital and just relax, warm and pampered, knowing that your husband will be taking care of "everything" at home.

    Oops. Did I just make you anxious again. Sorry.

    Will be praying for you these next few days.

  7. All the best - hope it goes smoothly hereonout

  8. So glad you had a positive experience at the hospital. After reading you quick 9 takes and how unprofessional the Dr acted towards you, you deserve a positive experience. It was a blessing in disguise that you ended up at the hospital b/c not hopefully you will be more at peace knowing how caring the nurses are and that another Dr offered to help w the VBAC if needed. Hope you get the VBAC!

  9. What a relief! I hope you are feeling much better soon and that baby stays put a couple more weeks :)

  10. Keep those feet up!! Thinking of you, Cam. I had the stomach flu when I was pregnant and it was horrible! My family doctor sent me to the hospital for fluids because I was losing so much.


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