Monday, October 1, 2012

Random Monday Morning Ramblings

Yesterday I didn't go up to receive the Eucharist.  The room was too busy tilting left to right, in a spinning sort of way and I decided that getting up from my chair and going closer to the thurible, which was still pumping out delicious smelling incense, would have been one of those mistakes that causes an ambulance to arrive at the cathedral, complete with lights and sirens.  And nobody wants that.  So I held very still and took little tiny breaths and tried not to panic because that would only make it worse.  I considered a dash to the outside door, knowing that fresh air beckoned, but the outside door looked very far away, and up a flight of stairs since Latin Mass is down in the crypt.  Incense 1- Albuterol 0.

I have a whole new sympathy for those people that start coughing every time a thurible appears.

The thing is, I do like incense at Mass.  Even with healthy lungs I might have liked it slightly less in a crypt with low ceilings and no windows, but still... it's not something I would normally find myself complaining about.

The good news is that the medical websites I've found that mentioned it say that post-pregnancy asthma usually go back to however it was pre-pregnancy, which may save me from having to find a new less smokey Mass to attend.  And there was mention of things generally getting worse between 29-36 weeks and improving in the last month, so I'm hoping that proves to be true in the upcoming weeks.

In other Mass-related news, Sadie has renewed her "first communion" campaign.

Before Mass yesterday morning I picked out two warm, wintery dresses for our little not-yet-used-to-cold-temperature girls.  Sadie's had a black velvet top with a pouffy purple skirt made out of a glimmering fabric that was made to look like silk.  I showed it to her as she changed out of her warm pjs and she made a face and launched into a lamentation about how it wasn't white and it wasn't a "first communion dress" and that meant she wouldn't be wearing a white dress with a white veil, which apparently knocked the chances in her mind that she'd be receiving communion today down to zero.

We'd already talked about how she had a few more years of waiting to do the night before, but she's ever hopeful on Sunday mornings that it will be her turn to go forward and kneel and actually receive the eucharist.  The fact that this doesn't happen, week after week, doesn't seem to discourage her in the least, because she knows that it's something that should happen someday, and every week might be "someday" even if Mommy and Daddy assure her it's not and that she'll know when it really is time.

In the happiest news (for me), both girls made it through the entire mass without a single incident of bad behavior.  Mae Bae actually managed to be quiet the whole way through, for the first time in her two years and three months of life (or at least for the first time since she was a tiny newborn who slept through Mass).  Oh how I hope we have more and more of these types of Masses in the coming months!

Sadie's also renewed her "when I'm fourteen I'm going to go away and be married to God" campaign, with the number fourteen being chosen after reading her Saint Therese book and resolving that she would be even younger (the competitiveness apparently knows no bounds...).  She even speaks with excitement about how "people will try to stop me" and then dreamily talks about going anyway... the kid certainly loves St. Therese's story...

Now to go figure out exactly what we're going to do for this very special feast day... I'm finding myself less organized these days, as feast day after feast day sneaks up on me (how can it already be October?!??!?!?!)!

Happy Feast of Saint Therese of the Child Jesus!


  1. So sorry to hear about the incense-induced wooziness. Not fun.

    St. Therese has always been a favorite of mine, as her name is my middle name.

    (This photo of Sadie in full habit with red shoes always cracks me up...) :)


  2. I'll pray for your wooziness to abate.

    I think it is very good that your daughter wants so badly to receive. The early Church had the practice, preserved by the Orthodox, of keeping the three Sacraments of initiation together. As the transportation problems of the past no longer make separating those three Sacraments essential, it would be so cool to go back to the original practice.


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