Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sadie on Angels...

I guess it's only natural with Sadie's love of all things chivalrous and knightly that she would find the depictions of Saint Michael to be irresistible.  Add to that a love of all stories of good versus evil and her latest story obsession, which has lasted roughly two months now, is to say: "Mommy please tell me the story about the angels," which means that she wants me to tell her about Lucifer saying he would not serve and being cast out of heaven with the other angels that turned against God.  And of course she wants to hear about the good angels who love God.

Naturally Saint Michael is her favorite.

She could tell the story herself, and after having repeated sixty or so times, the words have begun to fit a familiar pattern and if I pause she'll go on, filling in the blanks.  Or we'll be doing something else and suddenly she'll be very serious and say something like:  "I'm not pure spirit because I have a body.  I have bones.  I like my bones."

The other day, however, a serious expression crossed her little face as she sat and pondered and began to worry.  Then out came the question:

"Mommy, I hope that the bad angels don't get Christian to be naughty."

Apparently all the talk of a new brother arriving had made her think of her little brother who is a saint in heaven and she'd begun to worry about the goings on in heaven and about how safe he was there.

So then I reminded her again how the story had ended, with those who had turned against God being cast out of heaven and her smile returned as she nodded and hugged me and went back to playing.

Life seems like a giant puzzle at the moment and she constantly surprises me both with her insights and worries as we read stories and she puts the pieces together and peppers me with questions that I sometimes struggle to answer.

It's certainly extra motivation to keep learning so that I can keep up (hopefully) with my sweet girl!

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  1. I love your Sadie stories. She sure is an awesome kid!

    Reminds me of how devout my firstborn was as a child. He is straying as an adult but he was at least brought up right so I'm praying for him and hoping.


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