Monday, October 8, 2012

Mae Bae's Misadventure

Mae doesn't always look like the bundle of energy and toddler feistiness that she actually is... at least that's what I tell myself...

Until I go looking at the pictures of her I've posted recently and come up with this:

And this:

And this:

And finally this one.. and I think... Oh yeah, I should have totally seen yesterday coming:

You see, as often as not these days, Mae Bae doesn't take naps.  She does, however, go up to her room for a two hour block and rest/play/destroy her room.  I can hear her giggling and talking and about half the time she falls asleep and the other half of the time I hear her trying to move the crib and opening and closing drawers and when nap time is over I go upstairs and find that she's emptied the clothes drawers of clothes, replaced them with pillows and put one doll in each drawer (the drawers are along the bottom of the bed).  

It works well for everyone though, because I can do school with Sadie and get a little bit of work done and Mae has always valued her alone time.  And when I've tried skipping her nap/alone time she gets incredibly moody.  Even when she doesn't sleep, she comes out refreshed and playful (I guess she's my little un-shy introvert).

Yesterday, however, near disaster struck.  I went upstairs, pulled open the drawer, and found that the door wouldn't budge beyond a one inch opening.  Mae had pulled the drawer at the top of her bed all the way out (so far out it actually broke one of the runners) and the broken drawer was jammed  between the floor and still being stuck in it's place under the bed.  Mae was sitting in the drawer, or at least she was once she heard the door try to open, and with over 30 lbs of weight in it, it wasn't going to budge (at least not with pressure of the two to three fingers I could put through the door crack.  

I pushed hard.  Nothing.  I tried to wiggle the drawer back in with my fingers.  No luck.  I tried to lift in back onto it's runners.  Nope.  I pulled on it.  It just wasn't happening. 

I begged her to not sit in the drawer and she tugged at my fingers and smiled.

I dialed Paul and surveyed the door.  The hinges are on the inside.  The door itself is pretty heavy duty. Apparently back in 1928 they made doors to last.  Paul said he'd be home as soon as he could.  I sat next to the door and pictured the fire department breaking it down... and figured Paul could likely break it down on his own... and then I wondered how much all of this was going to cost.

As the alarm announced Paul's arrival by beeping and saying "back door open", I gave the drawer one more good hard pull with three fingers and felt the whole thing give way and slide loose.  As Paul walked up the stairs, Mae sprinted out of the room, went past me into my room and made a grab for a snow globe that she knows she isn't allowed to play with.  

Disaster was averted.  

Here are the pictures I snapped while waiting for help to arrive.

First there's Mae and her binkie peeking through... of course the only picture that came out was the one where she was blinking... and that's how far the door will open:

Here's the drawer blocking the door:

And the drawer after I managed to pull it free:

And here's an enthusiastic Mae Bae eating bulgar and white beans a short while later.  She'd finished her bowl, and was eating mine.  Beans of any kind are her absolute favorite food... and apparently bulgar comes in a close second:

In the middle of the night last night we heard crying.  Paul went in to check and found an outraged Mae Bae.  She had pulled out a drawer on her sister's bed and was attempting to sleep in it, next to Sadie.  Unfortunately, she didn't fit in quite as well as her dolls as was quite furious...


  1. My middle boy loves to close room doors (which he is not supposed to do so the cats won't get shut in). About a year ago, when he was 18 months I had stripped him down for bath time. he managed to wriggle free before I got him in the tub, run into his room, and close and lock the door (our doors have a push button lock on the inside). He was immediately freaked out, since he was locked in a dark room, and wasn't old enough to understand my instructions to turn the knob to open the door. It took me about ten minutes to release the lock mechanism from the outside with a small screwdriver (indoor locks are designed to he easily picked). Poor little guy was freaked enough that he peed on the floor, which upset him even more, since he is a neatnick. But he hasn't closed a door from the inside since. Unfortunately, it doesn't sound like the incident upset Mae, so she may try it again!


  2. LOL!! They DO like to challenge our inner peace don't they? :)


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