Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Sugar Incident

This is what could happen if, when your husband is watching the kids, he decides that those rustling sounds in the kitchen don't sound all that worrisome.  When I saw it I thought that it didn't look all the bad.  But let me say... after hours and hours of cleaning over and over again... it was.

She dragged the five pound bag through three rooms (I know I mentioned this the other day, but I just had to add a picture... and looks, she even brought in toys to play with the sugar like in the sand box... and see where she tried to make a "sugar angel").  

It was definitely a major cleanup.  On the upside, my floors were sparkling by bedtime after I steam cleaned everything:

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  1. In my defense, when I heard rustling I started to get out off the couch to check it out, but Mae Bae come out of the kitchen very loudly rustling a sealed bag of corn meal. I figured all was well. Apparently Mae Bae was covering her tracks for the auditory noises coming from the kitchen as a result of the sugar bag.



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