Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sadie and her Veil

So this post may be in part a Happy Birthday for someone who I knew would like to wake up to a whole bunch of new pictures, but who probably doesn't want to be named as the birthday person publicly (so I won't!)!  Anyways... without further ado...

Happy Birthday! (You know who you are!)

Now on to the pictures... first, in keeping with the theme Sadie chose this morning, a blast from the past:

Stealing Mommy's veil during Mass.
1 Year Old.

3 years old and planning (plotting?) her first communion...
This was the year when her major attempts to receive started...

4 Years old and still trying...

This morning...

A long time ago I saw a first communion dress marked down to $17 on Zulily.  I wasn't going to buy it.  I shared it on facebook and looked at it over and over again... but told myself no.  But then I thought... well... it could be a Christmas present or something... and I knew that they'd wear it constantly as a dress up dress.  It arrived while we were out of the house and it's been sitting in a bag in the basement.  

Today I brought it out and Sadie tried it on... and a practice run of her much longed for first communion began with me explaining that the arrival of this dress does not actually signify that it's time just yet.  

I snapped a few pictures that were okay and was about to put my camera away when Sadie went over and stood in the light coming in through the front window (the sun was just coming up over the neighbors house).  And I grabbed my camera and captured the moments that followed.

It was fun because Sadie just doesn't pose for pictures. If she knows you're taking her picture she'll put on the cheesiest smile you've ever seen and curtsy dramatically.  So I kept talking to her about the light and she kept pointing out how beautiful it looked coming through the windows and this is the result:

Happy Tuesday!  I hope you all are staying warm!  It's up to -17 with windchill right now (which is warmer than it was when Paul and I were shoveling snow yesterday!)!


  1. So beautiful!
    I'm currently devouring A Story of a Soul by St. Therese and your little Sadie often comes to mind. :)

  2. You're confused; my birthday isn't until next week, but thank you for printing these beautiful pictures anyway. Well, beautiful except for that one picture of the snow; I didn't need to be reminded about that.

  3. Oh, how lovely Sadie looks, especially the first picture as she is coming through the gate. The metaphor is very apt. When she is older I hope she remembers her great desire for the Eucharist, because I think that is a great sign of predestination.
    And the photo of the sun on the snow is beautiful too. Actually, I love the change of seasons and like the snow, even deep snow, and occasional sub-zero temperatures. We got a lot of snow here too (Chicago) and the wind chill is frigid, and the snow is hard to shovel now because it's frozen, but still, I love the quiet of it, and the beautiful change of landscape. We have a family of cardinals around here, and to see their foliage, bright red against the snow; beautiful! The weatherman says it will up to 37 on Friday and raining on Saturday (yuk!) and probably with the warm up and rain most of this will melt. That I hate because of the slush and dirty mess of it. Oh well. God bless. ~ Bonnie

  4. What a pretty dress! It reminds me that I need to start looking for a communion dress for my daughter. By the way I ordered one of your snoods for her and she loves it.


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