Friday, January 17, 2014

The New Baby Boy

I couldn't believe the kids tonight.  At 6 pm they went to bed.  All three of them.  Maggie made sense because she'd been exhausted all day.  And Patrick is sick.  But Sadie's chosen bedtime surprised me.

I guess I should have suspected Sadie has plans when we had this conversation as she was getting out of the car.

Sadie: "And there's something that I'm remembering.  Earlier today when I went up to bedroom I saw a new baby in my room.  A boy baby.  And I wanted to go in and get it but I didn't.  I have a new baby."  This is actually not really true.  She's had this doll for at least two years.  She just has so many baby dolls that she's forgotten about it.
She paused for effect and the continued: "Last night I had another baby."
Paul:  "You did?"
Sadie:  "I think something strange is going on around here!"
Paul and I were chuckling over Sadie's monologue as we got the kids into the house.  She sat down to take off her boots and then continued.
Sadie:  "I think it's time for me to go to bed."
Me:  "It's six o'clock.  Why don't you stay up a little later."
Sadie:  "Mommy, I have a new baby boy and he needs me."
Me: "Newborns sleep a lot.  He's asleep. Why don't you stay up just a little while longer."
Sadie (about thirty seconds later):  "I'm worrying about my new baby boy upstairs by himself.  I think I need to go to bed now."

After about ten more requests in the span of a minute I caved and within a few moments she'd put on pjs, brushed her teeth and crawled into bed where she announced that she would be nursing and co-sleeping with her new baby.

And in case anyone was wondering (yeah, no one probably is but I'll throw this in anyways) that brings the grand total up to 14 dolls that she lugs up and down the stairs and scatters around the house.  She's acquired them over her five and a half years of life (and swiped a few from her sister who doesn't really play with dolls) and watching Paul carry them up and down the stairs is quite the sight to see.

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