Wednesday, January 29, 2014

When Did She Fall in Love with Pink?

Sadie has always been our girly girl.  From the age of two she's insisted that being forced to wear pants, even if it's snowing outside, is a tragedy of unimaginable proportions.  She would live in princess dresses 100% of the time if we let her and spends most of her days in them.

Maggie, on the other hand, has always had a style all her own.  She loves red.  And polka dots.  When my red polka dotted dress arrived in the mail she tried to take off with it, running across the room while trying to figure out how to get into it at the same time.  She's shunned dresses, which has made things a little tough because almost 100% of the hand me downs in her current size are dresses, since Sadie refused to wear pants at Mae's age and I finally gave up and stopped buying them.

But in the last month Mae's changed her mind. She wants to wear all pink, pretty much all the time and is even happier if the pink outfit has a tutu or a fluffy skirt.  If I wear pink she will hug me about a hundred times during the day.  She suddenly loves all things Pinkie Pie.  I haven't totally gotten used to seeing her in all-things-princess however, and I still find myself gazing at these pictures now and then when I open up my computer.

Of course she's still wearing a sleeper under the princess dress because she pretty much wants to be in a sleeper around the clock... but here she is... our new little pink loving princess:

The princess admires her gown.

I hush a certain big sister who yells from across the room that it's "way too big!"

 A curtsy from the princess.
We have trouble... Our brother is going to try to steal the princess dress.
And while we usually let him steal whatever toys he wants, we aren't
going to be giving up the dress.  Not today, not any day.

Mommy to the rescue with a firm "no Patch."  

Presenting Princess Maggie!
(that would be her amber necklace in her mouth)
She never takes that thing off.
And finally a smile from a very happy princess.
In other news Sadie has decided that her new favorite color is now purple...

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  1. Cute! HBs fav color used to be purple which turned out to be difficult to indulge since he's a boy and for whatever reason purple has been assigned as a girl's color. But now he's not real particular.


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