Thursday, January 16, 2014

Theme Thursday: Craft (Patrick and his Blankie)

Yesterday morning I was imagining what I could write about for today's Theme Thursday post, which has a theme of "Craft."  At first I thought I'd use a picture of a rosary that I had made...

Or maybe a costume...

Or a princess dress:

Thank pink dress I'm wearing is actually one of my first sewing projects too!
Or maybe even a snood:

But then a box arrived yesterday and excitement filled the house.  Patrick could hardly wait to see what was in it and when I opened it I knew just what this post needed:

A series of pictures of Patrick and a quilt that was made for him by one of our friends back in California.  

When I took it out of the box he took a moment and crawled across it examining the balloons while Sadie shrieked "Patrick you'll wrinkle it!"  He seemed to enjoy his sister's worries:

He seemed to make an effort to make it extra wrinkly while she tried to straighten it around him.

Maybe he wanted to let her know that this was going to be a play quilt, not a wall hanging!

Here's Sadie behind him, stressing about the quilt not being flat and Patrick reveling in the silliness of playing on it:

He wasn't about to leave it on the ground though.  He started lugging it around the living room, stopping frequently to hug it and bury his face in the fabric.

Looking at these pictures with our midday school mess in the background, I still find myself staring at Patrick and wondering when he got so big?

And finally it was time for Boomer and his blanket to go tagging after Maggie.  I can only imagine what adventures they'll have together!

And so that is my rather long Theme Thursday post.  For more Theme Thursday head over to Clan Donaldson!  


  1. I am so impressed by your sewing ability. I have none.

    You friends made a beautiful quilt! It's going to be well loved I can tell.

  2. I love how instantly he took to the quilt! That thing is definitely going to get a lot of love!

  3. Love it! Your friend is an amazing quilter....something I wish I could do:) Great post....thanks!

  4. Beautiful quilt. =)

  5. Cute quilt - and boomer is huge! He is such a boy now... bittersweet, I understand all so well. My baby is all but 6' tall! LOL!

  6. Every child needs a nice quilt to drag around with them!! Great sewing projects. I enjoy sewing, just can't seem to find the time for it.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful quilt! I am in awe of those who can do anything in the way of sewing, quilting, etc. My fingers just won't work that way. :(

    Patrick is so big! How did this last 14 months go by so quickly?


  8. So sweet, and your crafts are lovely!


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