Thursday, October 21, 2010

Another Trip to the ER and More News

Today has been another eventful day.

Sadie was still rather clumsy after last nights drama. She was running across Nani's living room when she tripped and sailed head first into the wall. She seemed alright (although she was crying) for a few minutes and then she lost consciousness.

I called 911 and they said that they would let the hospital know that we were coming (when we called 911 for Gigi last week it took over 20 minutes for the ambulance to arrive, so there was no way we were going to wait). We went in Grumpa's truck to the hospital, with Sadie regaining consciousness after about three terrifying minutes.

When we got to the hospital they acted like I was a typical overreacting mom. The doctor watched her cry in Paul's arms and had her run across the room to us and then said she was fine and sent us home. I was very, very nervous about the thoroughness of the examination.

After a couple of hours at home though, Sadie did seem to have improved greatly. She fell asleep in her bed, but I'm going to move her over into our bed so that I can keep an eye on her tonight.

In other news I'm beginning to think that a law really needs to be put in place to protect children from this type of drug exposure. The fact that no law exists is ridiculous. So I wrote quite a few letters this morning, and now it looks like we're going to be on our local ABC affiliate tomorrow night (a reporter is calling me in the morning and wants to know if we'll be available for filming).

I'm not really thrilled about that (I'm pretty painfully shy in real life) but I really think that this story needs to be told and that legislation needs to be put in place to protect children from this sort of drug exposure. Now I have some cleaning to do. If they're going to have a camera in this house tomorrow, it has quite a ways to go... these last two days have been hard on our apartment too...

Thanks to everyone for the prayers and please continue to keep us (especially Sadie) in your prayers as all of this unfolds.


  1. I know of the fear and scare of running to the emergency room. I think I prayed for you tonight:

  2. Poor Sadie. What a week.

    But I'm glad to hear someone is interested in knowing what happened and spreading the word.

  3. Continued prayers for you! I hope that everything you're doing has a good outcome for you guys and for children elsewhere.

  4. That is so great that you are advocating for your child. The news does really need to get out that marijuana is not a victimless crime, but the only way people will know is if you speak up.I'll pray for you in all of this turmoil you are going through. What a tough week!

  5. Prayers to the Holy Spirit for y'all tonight.

  6. I will certainly pray that your little one is doing better soon. I am sorry to hear she has this allergic reaction. Have you spoken with your neighbors about the problem? If my peanut-butter-cookie baking was causing the child next door to have a severe reaction, I would certainly want to know before it hit the evening news. (However, I admit it is unlikely I would require PB-cookies for a medical condition.)

  7. Thanks to everyone for the prayers. Sadie's doing well today.

    We haven't approached the neighbors about the problem but have left that to the manager and the police. The last man I heard that went to talk to his neighbors to ask them to stop doing something marijuana related that was endangering his ended up being attacked and strangled. Thankfully he had a gun and was able to shoot one of the attackers scaring the other two off.

    No I don't think I'll be approaching a druggie to ask him to give up his drugs any time soon.

    I would have a little more sympathy for the "medically related" problems if 215 cards weren't sold on street corners here and given out for any imagined excuse. If a person had a serious illness and was in serious pain I would understand. Most of the people here with 215 cards have them for "menstrual cramps" and "headaches."

    I seriously doubt my fit young neighbor who smoked enough to fill two apartments with smoke "needs" his "medicinal marijuana."

    And again, it is still Federally illegal. Too bad we don't have a federal government who's willing to enforce its own laws.


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