Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Knowingly Endangering A Child...

As Paul and I were sitting down stairs a couple of hours ago I told him I had an inexplicable feeling of dread, as though something bad were moving towards us at a steady pace. The feeling bothered me, because, other than the rather hectic week we've had, there was no real reason for it. It felt like a heavy weight pressing down on me and I just couldn't shake the feeling. It started last night and had lasted all day.

Yet as we went about our night as if everything else was normal. Lately our new routine (pre-apartment-smoke-fix anyways) goes something like this: After dinner and bath time we all go into Sadie's room for the family rosary. Sadie usually falls asleep during the rosary and we let her sleep in her room for a little while and then move her into our room (Maggie either comes down stairs or goes straight into her bassinet). The point of letting her fall asleep in her room was so that her routine wouldn't be completely destroyed by all the stuff that's been going on.

I'd gone downstairs for a little while and was watching some Catholic news with Paul (Real Catholic TV!) when the bad feeling grew stronger. I decided to check on Sadie. When I got there the air filter (thank goodness, or I'm afraid we would be back in the ER) was on but the smell was just beginning to fill the room. I whisked Sadie into our room and then grabbed the air filter and set it up so that it was blowing on the girls in our room.

Then we called the managers and the sheriff. The managers came over and smelled it and went to talk with our neighbor. We also found out that they had informed him that Sadie had been sent to the ER because of the smoke. So this time he did it with that knowledge (I believe that would be the "malicious intent" that the deputy was talking about last week). And the sheriff's deputy wrote a report. Now to get a little sleep.

Interestingly enough, the bad feeling is gone now.

I'll breath much easier when all of this has been resolved though... now to get a little sleep.


  1. Well, at least this time the manager and the sheriff came and a report was written. And that feeling helped keep the situation from bothering Sadie. In terms of getting an incident "on the books" I think that probably went as well as it could have.

  2. I do feel a lot better about how things went last night! Just knowing that people were trying to help (and that we were able to catch it so early so Sadie was safe!) made it 100x better.

  3. I don't know how many male readers you have but I enjoy your blog very much.

    Women seem to be more intuitive about these types of things. Once my Mom heard my brother calling her from outside the house (it was summer and the windows were open) even though he was 2 hours away at college. It was later learned that at that same time he was lying in a field with a broken leg form a skydiving accident.

    Last month my fiancee got the same feeling of dread as you, called her aunt (her contact point for her grandmother) and learned the grandma had just passed.

    Like I said, I enjoy your blog.


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