Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Day of Quilts

Our little town holds special events most weekends in autumn. Next weekend is the salmon festival (which I'm hoping will include the FFA pumpkin patch for Sadie!) and the weekend after that is the Harvest Festival. This weekend, however, is always my favorite. Today was the Quilt Festival. I snapped these pictures as we were driving through town this morning. Quilt's line both sides of the freeway (the freeway is Main Street here!):

Every year I promise myself I'll make a quilt to enter. So far I haven't followed through since we moved up here. And a lot of my quilting material have become dresses for Sadie!

There are so many talented quilters in our area. The quilt section of the county fair each year takes up a huge area and is just fantastic to walk through... unfortunately Sadie was only interested in the tractors this year and had a tantrum when we tried to walk through the quilt area... but at least we got to see some of them today!

The heart quilt in the picture above was my favorite this year!

More quilts!

Looking up the street towards the court house.

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