Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If California Legalizes Marijuana My Story Could Be Yours...

I don't think I've ever written a post while hysterically crying (so please forgive any typos). But I guess those years of competitive typing paid off because I can type this now without looking at the keys.

I put Sadie to bed before I wrote the last post and rode my exercise bike. I was working on her rosary when I heard her start gasping. By the time I went upstairs she was having what looked like an asthma attack. And the second I walked into her room I knew the cause. The room was filled with pot smoke. I ran downstairs and outside as Paul came in the house, but our neighbors lights were off.

With Sadie safely in our room (one half of the apartment is fine and the other is full of smoke) she started to breath a little bit better, but was coughing and coughing and coughing. And she had what looks like a rash up the middle of her torso and was burning hot to touch.

I suspect that the "illness" that began yesterday was really a reaction to the smoke that I'm guessing filled her room while we were sleeping last night.

Within a couple of minutes of taking Sadie from her bedroom her breathing eased a bit. After she'd been downstairs she was only a little raspy.

We called 911 to report the fact that someone was filling our child's room with pot smoke. They said that if we weren't going to have an ambulance respond it wouldn't be considered an emergency (really, someone is endangering a child and that's not an emergency). The nearest deputy is over an hour away and will come by if nothing else comes up.

So I made a decision and Sadie is now at the ER with Paul getting checked out (since we live a couple of blocks from the hospital the ambulance seemed like overkill). I want there to be a record of the exposure and her reaction and since that isn't going to come in the form of a sheriff's report we decided to take her to see a doctor.

And now I'm sitting her crying, waiting for a sheriff's deputy to show up (they crying is mostly because Sadie is there without me and I know how scared she is of doctors and even typing this sends me over the edge into crying again).

Nani is on her way over to watch Maggie so I can go to the ER. And Maggie has an air filter pointed at her little face.

But yeah, I'm sure it's a great idea to legalize marijuana. Just like it was a great idea to legalize medicinal marijuana (which is likely the cause of what's going on here since you can buy a 215 card from a man with a stand next to the Laundromat in our county).

And please feel free to share this story. I think stories like this, that show that the "they're not hurting anyone" mentality is a blatant lie, are very important. Our county is pretty much lost at this point, as one of the centers of this trade, but the rest of the state still has a tiny sliver of a chance... maybe... for a few more weeks anyways.

(this post's picture is of Sadie this weekend... pre-stupid-neighbor-induced-asthma/allergy attack)


  1. Dear little Sadie! Your mother's heart must be in anguish tonight, Cam. My prayers are with you and your family. May Our Blessed Mother protect you all, and may Almighty God have mercy on those who have caused your family to suffer tonight.

  2. I'm so sorry. What angers me, besides stories like yours, is that people don't realize how truly harmful marjijuana can be for some people. It can truly make them psychotic and dangerous. For some people, it doesn't, but it's a dangerous drug and should be at least extremely controlled.

  3. Oh I am so sorry. That is so scary. I would be crying too.

    How did her room fill with smoke? Can it be prevented from happening again?

  4. Oh no! I came to your site this morning because I just heard Archbishop Burke was named a cardinal (Archbishop Wuerl, too), but this story is awful! I'm praying everything turned out okay.

  5. What a horrible, horrible experience! I'm so sorry!


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