Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Cami-Secret: Part 2!

I've been wearing my Cami-Secret in white (because so far it matches better than the tan or black that also come in the package). And I've been pleasantly surprised. It stays in place! And my husband actually noticed that I was wearing it and said that he thought that it added something to the dress that I was wearing and was "cute." Here's a picture I snapped this morning before we went grocery shopping and one I took this afternoon (we're about to go to a barbeque! A very rainy barbeque!).

I would say that at $3.33 a piece they're definitely worth it! The real test will be wearing one tomorrow at Mass while wrangling Sadie...

And if you haven't already, don't forget to enter the giveaway by tomorrow (Sunday) afternoon!


  1. I've seen these around and was wondering about them. Your review of them is encouraging--I may pick up a package or two next time I have the chance.

    Sometimes summer is so hot I hate wearing layers! This would be a great solution!

  2. It looks really good! And Maggie is so adorable!!

  3. I was a little worried because the material does feel inexpensive when I first took them out of the package. But I was impressed with how they stayed in place! At first I was worried they would wrinkle, but so far so good!

    And Allison, I love the new profile picture! Beautiful!


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