Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Mom: Part 2: The Afternoon

The thrilling saga continues...

12:30- Sadie and Maggie and I arrive at Saint Patrick's Way of the Cross. We notice that the little pond and waterfall have overflowed and there is mud everywhere. Undaunted I think that we might be able to stay away from the mud, because the area is pretty large. I have made a fatal error. I have underestimated the power of being "Two!"

1:00- My friend arrives to do more work at the Church and spots us. She invites us into the office and Sadie and Maggie and I go up to the gate. When I turn to open the gate Sadie is behind me, waiting patiently. When I turn back again she is behind me and grabs my hand to spit a red berry into it. Uh-oh...

1:01- I ask Diane if she knows if the berries on the large bush at the front of the way of the cross are poisonous. She doesn't know. I call Paul (so much for getting to work on his paper!). He drives up and takes a sample of the berries and leaves to the local nursery (I distract Sadie by having her pull weeds with me while Maggie sits in the stroller). He comes back with a name and instructions to call poison control. He says that they said she should be fine, although she might throw up. He then explains that he called twice because after talking to them on the phone the first time he read on wikipedia that the plant is poisonous. Poison Control tells him not to believe everything he reads online.

1:15pm- Paul leaves and Sadie and I rake the path a bit, pull weeds and clean out the pond filter so that it will stop overflowing. By the end of our "work" Sadie and I are both covered in mud. Sadie also decides to "taste" the mud and then spits it out on my Moby wrap. I use wipes in an attempt to clean up but decide that the library has probably been crossed of the list of places that we should go.

1:30pm- I stop by the local Pizza place and let Sadie get a pumpkin spice cup of ice cream. Maggie starts to melt down and we decide to take the ice cream home to eat. After walking for two minutes Maggie is asleep.

2:00pm- We get home and I put the ice cream in the fridge and then scoop Sadie up and rush her upstairs. Five minutes later the bathroom is covered in dirt but she is in the bathtub. The damage has been limited to one room

2:45pm- A somewhat disturbing "accident" in the bathroom, along with some bright red hives lead us to call Poison Control again. Sadie even has a "case" worker so that we get to talk to the same person. We're told that if the hives spread to go to the ER without calling back, but that they'll call back in an hour to check on her.

3:00pm- The hives look to be going away. I get Sadie bundled up and sit with her and Maggie on the couch watching Cinderella. The "no TV during the day" policy has been waved due to the fact that Sadie clearly isn't feeling well. In the morning we had noticed she had a runny nose (which both Paul and I thought were hives) but it seems to have turned into a full blown cold and she's pretty miserable (unrelated to the berry, but probably totally related to the tantrum at the restaurant!).

And once again... to be continued...

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