Friday, October 22, 2010

A Better Day: And An Update on the "Smoke Situation"

Today was definitely an improvement on the direction this week had been taking, with our four conversations with poison control and two trips to the ER.

We managed to stay clear of the hospital today and that was really my most basic goal! But Sadie is still acting exceptionally clumsy and I feel like I should strap a helmet and pads on her to help her get through the day.

And oh what a day it was. ABC's North State affiliate called this morning twice, once to talk about the story and then back again to say that they would be at our apartment in about an hour to film.
I was more than a little nervous. I'm very shy around people I don't know and when you add cameras into the mix it definitely doesn't help. But as I've said before I think that this is a very important election coming up and I want people to consider all the facets of what will result if this legalization passes and the exposure of children to second hand smoke is certainly going to be one of them (and I think it's probably one that most people haven't thought of when they think of this "victimless" crime).

The story was going to air tonight, unless they got more time for it... but then the reporter called back and told us that they were going to delay airing it to have more interviews with the Sheriff's department.

The next part was a little bit odd. She said that the Sheriff's department had said that they were going to come through the apartment tonight doing a "sweep." She also said that the deputy she spoke with said "he'd really wished he could have come in and smelled it and seen what it was like..."

My jaw might have hit the floor at this point as I said, "I really wish he'd come and done that too." Because it's not as if I didn't beg him to come and just check things out. I have a feeling that the deputy who should have come over is regretting that he didn't now that people are taking an interest in what's happened.

As far as I know they didn't come by the apartment tonight (I was at my parent's house for dinner, but I would be very surprised to learn that they did any kind of "sweep"). However, the deputy did call Paul and had a very interesting conversation with him. So interesting that it's the topic of my next post!

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