Friday, October 29, 2010

Home Sweet Home: Again!

We came home today! At the moment everything is at a standstill. Our apartment smells remarkably fresh and has for a couple of days. It seems that the many, many visits from the police (as a result of all of our calls) have had an impact. I'm praying that it lasts!

Of course we're still trying to get the apartment owners to fix the apartment, but they seem content to do nothing (still waiting for the lawyer to call us back at this point... I waited by the phone for hours today...).

It was very nice to be home and to clean my house! It had become somewhat "bachelor pad" like in the past few days! And Sadie's getting pretty good at picking up her toys and cleaning these days (she became obsessed with cleaning the furniture the other day after watching Beauty and the Beast).

We're also thinking about switching rooms and putting Sadie and Maggie in the master bedroom and putting our bed in Sadie's room. That way we'd know instantly if the smoke started coming into the house.

I also have a Sadie Story to share. Sadie was exceptionally cute during family prayers tonight. She's been working on making the sign of the cross for about a year now. I used to say "make your sign" before we'd pray and she would touch her chest four times. Lately though she's been getting better at it. While we were saying our family rosary tonight she climbed into bed and lay down (she'd already made the sign once when we started) and kept crossing herself over and over again and then putting her hands together and saying "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Meeeeeeeennnnnn!" For a decade or two she did it for almost every Hail Mary!


  1. It's a relief to hear things are better. I thought of you when I read an editorial in the New York Times about why pot should be legal. It made me pretty angry. Working in the mental health field, I see a lot of strange "coincidences" in which young men develop schizophrenia "out of nowhere" after a casual pot habit... It makes me so angry when others carelessly act like pot isn't any different from alcohol. I don't think it's a crime worth putting people away in prison for, but all I can say is that it is truly dangerous and unfortunately influential people can sometimes be very, very ignorant.

  2. Your post about Sadie being cute during the Rosary reminds me of a post I read on Cottage Blessings:

    Kids are so cute!

  3. The pic of Sadie is beautiful. One to frame, for sure!


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