Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Mom: Part 3: Evening

The final installation...

4:00pm- Paul has to be at work at 5 so I set to work getting dinner ready. After heating up a frozen meal of bulgur with eggplant Paul informs me that he will eat after work when he gets home. I set to work trying to remind Sadie that she really does like bulgur. She refuses to try it. I eat an early dinner by myself while Sadie lays on the couch with a runny nose. Maggie plays on the floor and talks to no one in particular.

4:15pm- I inform Sadie that Maggie is still a little small to play peekaboo and that taking a blanket and pressing it over her face is actually a very, very bad idea. We talk again about how small Maggie is and how careful and gentle we need to be with her.

5:00pm- We have a visitor. My friend from Church comes by the see how things are going! We sit and talk for a while, while Sadie looks at her Curious George books and Maggie decides that it's time for her dinner. After she leaves I try to convince Sadie that Beatrice Potter's stories are just as wonderful as George (unfortunately variety is not part of being Two).

6:00pm- Sadie and Maggie cuddle on the floor. Sadie stares at Maggie and Maggie giggles. I call Nani to get an update on Gigi. Our prayers were answered when we found out that there was a bed in the other rehabilitation center in town. As a side-note, here is the drama that unfolded these past few days, and has been weighing on mind:

Nani wasn't really sure how she felt about the rehabilitation center Gigi was sent to, and yesterday her worst fears were confirmed. When she arrived he was in an incredible amount of pain. She was told that when he was asked the evening before he said he'd rather not take his pain pill and so he hadn't been given one since then. By the time they arrived he was completely incapacitated and couldn't answer basic questions.

Nani and Nini sat with him all day yesterday, reminding the staff to feed him and give him his medications since it seemed no one could be bothered to (which is kind of important since he has juvenile diabetes). The final straw came when one of the workers came into the room and was about to give the man in the next bed a shot with his "medicine." When he asked what it was she said "it's your insulin, Bob." Luckily my mom was listening and said, "Stop, he's not diabetic! I think that's my dad's!" The woman checked the chart and found she had made a mistake and brought the wrong medicine to the wrong person. Accidently injecting the wrong person with insulin is pretty scary stuff though and I am hugely relieved that he was finally moved this evening to the other place! Now back to our day...

6:45pm- Sadie's eyes are starting to look very tired. I ask her if she wants to go upstairs. She does. She crawls up the stairs and lets me change her and brush her teeth before climbing into bed and hugging her George doll. We say our rosary and she's asleep before we finish.

7:30pm- Maggie seems to be asleep for good. I begin to work on my blog.

8:30pm- I finish up the blog and look to check off the rest of my to-do list. Up next (in no particular order):
  1. Ride the Exercise Bike for at least half an hour
  2. Straighten up the apartment
  3. Finish making the beads for the kid's rosary I'm making for Sadie
  4. Start a bracelet for a friend (it's a surprise) or two if I have time
  5. Make a to-do list for the rest of the week, because there's just so much going on!
  6. Get some sleep!


  1. Wow that is scary! We've had calls to poison control too.. always get the same answer lol.

  2. What a busy day you had, Cam! I hope Sadie is feeling better tomorrow. Bean has got a cold himself and is just now getting to where he doesn't wake up coughing in the middle of the night.

    It's not fun when our precious ones are sick!

  3. I loved the 3 part post! I can't wait to be a mom
    (minus the frightening berry incident)!!

  4. There is much you can heal through prayer and the rosary. I found a great website that has a link that allows you to pray the rosary with others. It is just fantastic and I feel it is important to share good finds with others.


    God Bless!


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