Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nemo: My Latest Crocheting Project

I'm pretty excited about my newest crocheting project. Sadie is currently in love with Nemo. She has a very small stuffed clownfish that Nani bought her last year, but because he's so small he disappears on a weekly basis, only to be discovered several days later (particularly since Sadie's favorite game right now is "Finding Nemo"... she hides him and wants us to find him in the comforter and blankets on her bed). Earlier this week he was left at Nani's house again, and she decided to replace him with an orange crayon. Unfortunately the orange crayon didn't survive until lunch time on the day he became a favorite. He met an untimely end when Sadie carried him up the stairs. She was pretty upset.

That same day I had a meeting in a little town about an hour away. Before I walked out the door I grabbed some orange and white cotton thread and a crocheting needle and began to formulate a plan. I began crocheting a circle for the middle of "Nemo's" body and worked back to the tail and then started again from the middle and crocheted towards the front. By the end of the two hour round trip drive Nemo's body was finished, along with most of his fins. Today I found some stuffing and sewed up the many loose ends.

And Sadie is in love. Here is her new best friend:

Not bad for a beginning crocheter without a pattern! And Sadie has a new toy that didn't cost us a dime (actually is I went back and added up the cost of this 100% cotton yarn that I bought on clearance at Walmart earlier this year he cost around $1.00!)!

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