Friday, October 22, 2010

Fun from the Combox; This is What Happens to Your Brain When You Do Drugs Folks

Sometimes a rare, brave person, feels the need to speak up Anonymously in the combox to.... protect their right to do drugs.

I'll let you all share in the craziness, which is really a great example of why smoking pot isn't a great idea for anyone:
Anonymous said...

You are out of control young lady!!!!!! There is no way in hell your kids could of gotten asmatic problems From this. As I read more of your story you took them all the way to the ER for nothing !!!!! When someone elses true emergency was put on hold because of this. If the room was so filled with smoke then why would you even let your daughter go in there?????? pretty dumb !!!! And I can obivolously see that you have never smoked pot before and you don't know anything about it(effects). So Why don't you keep ur comments to urself and not post this crap all over the internet!!! Oh also I don't blame the sherriff he know's whats about to happen in a few weeks .Prop 19 is gonna pass and if it doesnt its only going to be in a matter a years! Sorry to burst your bubble but the police and sherriffs have alot of other BIGGER PROBLEMS TO DEAL WITH!! Maybe you should think about moving to a different state!!!

OH YA VOTE YES ON PROP 19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hmmmmmm.... Where to start?

As you can all probably guess I won't be "keeping my comments to myself anytime soon." Here I go being my usual "out of control self" (okay, it's hard not to laugh at that one!).

I've kind of been waiting for this, because drug users are an extra-special type of crazy and they often begin to act like rabid idiots when someone questions their right to fry their brains.

First off, we see that the commenter would likely be unable to pass a first grade reading comprehension test. But, lest he confuse any readers who haven't followed the entire drama as it has unfolded, I'll explain, yet again, the points that he (or she) missed.

I didn't put my daughter down to bed in a smoky room. She went to bed at 7pm. My stoner neighbor hadn't yet decided to light up and fill both of our apartments with smoke. I was downstairs working on a rosary when I heard her begin to gasp as her little lungs failed to find any clean air to breath in, a few hours later.

The ER definitely didn't seem to think it was a waste of time. They don't order chest x-rays because everything is peachy. And they know that marijuana isn't good for babies. Or anyone really (these are real doctors... not the kind that sell prescriptions for $150 a pop).

I never claimed that the pot smoke "caused" my daughter to become asthmatic. I said that the pot smoke brought on an asthma attack and that she had never exhibited asthmatic symptoms before. When I spoke with her doctor today she said that it's very likely that the reaction wasn't asthma at all, but an acute allergy to marijuana that caused her to be unable to breath. Pretty scary stuff. She said if it happens again and she continues to have problems to take her straight to the ER so they can put her on a nebulizer. So I guess your years of experience with pot haven't given you all the marijuana facts in the world, have they?

And I certainly won't blame the sheriff in our town. He's been very helpful (you see, there's a difference between a "sheriff" and a "sheriff's deputy"). We've been in contact with our county's sheriff almost every day (today was the first day we hadn't spoken with him at least once) as the action the department is going to take unfolds and we're meeting with him this weekend to discuss the incident. It's unfortunate that his deputy decided to shirk his duty, but I seriously doubt he will make the same mistake twice. His phone call is just one clue that even he has realized that he screwed up. Appropriate action, after his initial laziness, has been taken.

Unfortunately, because I did grow up in California, I've seen the effects of marijuana use firsthand. And your email is a stellar example of the sort of problems that regular use causes. Here are a few articles you may want to check out:

Prop 19 may very well pass. And if it does I think that the majority of people in California will realize, in a very short amount of time, that they've made a huge mistake, as they begin to live with the consequences of their vote.

My family arrived in California 161 years ago. But you're right on one note. California, ultimately, may not be the best place for my family any longer. Still, because there are 4 generations of us here, I'm certainly not going to give up on this beautiful place altogether.

My prayers are with you Anonymous. I truly hope that no member of your family is ever harmed the way my daughter was, or in any other way, by the drug that you so clearly love.


  1. For every professor, advanced degree holder, and programmer I know who regularly smokes pot, there are at least a hundred morons like your anonymous commenter who also use the drug.

    Second-hand smoke of ANY kind can be harmful to little ones, and yes it IS possible to be allergic to pot. I would imagine it's not even all that uncommon.

  2. wow, what a crazy story! how do people like this even end up reading your blog, anyway?

    I hope your little ones won't have to deal with this smoke anymore! I would be furious!!! I remember growing up with my mom's smoke in the house, shoving blankets under my door and into the heating vent to keep her smoke out of my bedroom!

  3. My guess is that the crazies arrive here via google... or maybe from the parenting forum I'm on (because there are some "trolls" who hang out there just to harass people!).

    We think we've found the solution after talking to a doctor today. She said that it's probably coming in through the spaces between the water pipes. The water heater is in Sadie's room so if we put foam insulation around the pipe openings we think it should stay out. Fingers crossed!

  4. It's a shame that someone who believes he or she is so right on this topic needs to hide behind anonymity in a comment. You may be posting "this crap all over the internet," but at least you do it as yourself, with your name proudly there.

  5. I'm allergic to it. And when you are in Europe, as I have spent some time there, it is hard to deal with the allergy. I imagine I will be having many more allergy attacks if Prop. 19 passes - which it is losing (larger than the margin) in the polls right now.

    I hope your family does okay! And pot can sneak in from anywhere. People can be incredibly ridiculous.

  6. I figured it was a matter of time before some pot fan showed up. I'm actually impressed he wasn't more rude.

    I wouldn't be surprised if you see more. Drug-users can love their drugs like their own children and become regular bears to protect their precious.

    Stay safe!

  7. Well, it's either drugs or all the lead paint chips he must have eaten as a kid.


  8. Wow. I'm sorry you had to deal with a comment like that. I hope Sadie's doing better too! Poor thing.

  9. LOL after I posted that my horrible sense of humour just hit. When she hits teenage years you have another way to keep her away from the stuff. Tell her she's allergic lol. Hmmm.... I wonder if that'll work with my kids?

    (and no I don't think the situation itself is funny, the stupid comment yes, but overall no)

  10. I wouldn't be surprised if we see more too!

    I had no idea prop 19 was losing now! I kept hearing it was way ahead (I imagine it is in our part of the state!)! Hearing that it's behind makes me very, very happy. Right now the news channel is waiting to air the story until it unfolds more, since stuff is still happening, but I'm pretty happy with that because I'm hoping it will air right before the election.

    I laughed too MK! It was just so absurd (the comment). I had a lot of fun writing the response (I then called Paul whose at school and read it over the phone to him). I think being on the Catholic Answers Forum and debating on there has given me a bit of a thicker skin than I used to have. A couple of years ago a comment like this would have had me dissolving in tears. Now it has me laughing at how ridiculous it is.

    The fact that the allergy is kind of useful in preventing adolescent mistakes definitely popped into my mind too!

  11. Every now and then I see your posts on the latest dress styles and I think "Do I need to waste time here," and then I see a well thought out and insightful post like this.

    I'll pray for your child.

  12. Hi Do Not Be Anxious-

    Thank you for your prayers!

    I think I have a few male readers that have to suffer through the outfit of the week posts. Sorry about that!

    Try to think of it in this way, when you run across one.. I'm trying to show women that it is possible to dress modestly (because it can kind of be a struggle with current fashions and I don't think it's going to change anytime soon!) and do it in a way that is kind of classic and "stylish." And skim on past them, because I do appreciate my male readers who stick around despite the name!

    I have been thinking of posting a schedule though, so people know which day the Bishop of the Week post is, and when the Outfit of the Week is (although I'm sure fun posts like this will pop up too!).

    God Bless and again, thank you for your prayers! It's been a tough week and I've been strengthened by the knowledge that we have received many generous prayers this week!


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