Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Mom: Part 1: The Morning

Today was just one of those days. And since I recently read a post on facebook questioning "what mom's do all day" (it was actually a pretty funny article in answer to a silly question in a newspaper) I thought I'd post a overview of a day at our house (complete with the never ending toddler drama... and estimated times...).

4am- Maggie wakes up hungry. I feed her and we both go back to sleep.

6am- Maggie's hungry again. I won't complain though. I did get 5 uninterrupted hours of sleep between 11pm- and 4am. And I know that at 3 months, 5 hours of sleep is very, very good (Sadie was only sleeping for 1 hour at a time at 18 months!).

7am- The day starts out ordinarily enough. Paul gets up with Sadie and they go downstairs to watch a princess movie.

7:30am- Maggie and I come downstairs. We slept in!

8:55- Paul and I have both showered and gotten dressed and both the girls are changed, fed and dressed. We have five minutes to get to Mass.

9:00- We made it! Mass at Saint Patrick's. Sadie clings to my neck and cries hysterically when I don't let her hold a hymnal. I open the hymnal and hold it for her so that she can see the picture of Mary on the inside cover. This calms the tantrum and she goes back to being quiet and well behaved.

9:30- Paul and Sadie go to the park while Maggie and I join one of our good friends to count the weeks collection for the deposit. We do this once a week. Maggie nurses while we count and then plays on a blanket on the floor, babbling away.

10:30- We meet Paul at a local restaurant. He tells us that Sadie went down the highest slide at the park all by herself. Sadie beams.

11:00- While waiting in the restaurant Sadie becomes bored with playing with ice. She demands to sit next to me. After sitting between Paul and I for a few minutes she starts to fuss and then leans over and bites me hard on the arm. I now have a bright blue bruise above the scar from this bite (yes it actually left a pretty big scar!). The bruise, combined with the bite scar and the burn on my right arm that occurred when I was pulling out a loaf of bread this weekend, mean that I'm starting to look kind of beat up. This whole being a mom thing isn't for wimps!

11:30- Paul takes a fussy Sadie home. We don't eat out often, but she'd been doing so much better in public places lately that I'm somewhat surprised by her behavior. Little do we realize that it's a sign of things to come.

12:00- Maggie and I get home and I get the girls ready to go on a walk. Maggie will ride in her Moby wrap and Sadie will ride in the stroller. I figure we'll walk up to the Church and say a rosary by the Way of the Cross, then walk through downtown, and then head up to the library to read a little. I'm trying to give Paul some time in a quiet house to work on his paper.

To be continued... (with an afternoon that included 4 calls to poison control!)

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