Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Abraham's Offering

I have had this song going through my head for the last three days. It's just so beautiful (as are all of the songs of Danielle that I've heard so far!). Here's the version I found on YouTube:

I also stumbled across this website while I was googling Danielle's music and it does indicate that we will be hearing more amazing music in the near future. Here's the quote:
"In August 2007, Danielle accepted Jesus' invitation to enter the convent to discern a religious vocation. Immediately before her entrance, Danielle recorded her fourth album, Pursue Me, which describes the journey of accepting the call to discernment.

After more than two years of formation in the convent (it’s a six to ten-year process of discernment before final vows), Danielle came to a successful discernment with her community: the Lord was calling her to follow Him in a different way. Seeking at every turn only to heed His voice and to do His will, Danielle left the convent in November 2009.

This journey of surrender and obedience taught her more deeply than ever that loving God and doing His will is more important than anything else. With this new understanding, Danielle has joyfully accepted Jesus’ invitation to continue sharing His Song for the glory of God and the salvation of souls."
So it does look like we will be blessed with more beautiful songs glorifying God from Danielle Rose (hopefully in the very near future)!

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