Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Suddenly Talking Toddler

Here's a photo of Sadie showing Maggie "Baby G."

She is suddenly full of words, bubbling to identify everything that she sees (and surprising all of us with her vocabulary, which is a nice change after months of not talking!). She will be two and a half tomorrow.

My favorite moments, that I can think of off the top of my head, are these:

When she makes the sign of the cross and then puts her little hands together and says "A---- Men!" (This is usually when we say grace, but can also be her way of trying to end anything. She wants to news to be over: "A-men!" She thinks a homily is a bit lengthy: "A-men!")

Telling her sister about "Baby G" which is her name for the baby Jesus in our nativity. Yesterday she was down on the floor playing with the nativity and I suddenly realized that every single fischer price animal in the house was clustered in one small area. While I watched I realized that at the center of that area was the baby Jesus figure with the Mary figure close by. When I asked her who all the animals were going to see she said "Baby G!" in an excited voice.

This morning she went and dug through her book shelf and found the rosary coloring book that we have there and brought it over to me. I keep meaning to make copies of the pages to give to her to use, so she hasn't looked at it much. When she brought it over I asked her who was on the cover and she pointed to Mary and said "Mar!"

There were quite a few little girls in the book so I asked her which one she was and she found a picture of Saint Bernadette and pointed it out (before later telling me that that wasn't actually her).

Other favorite words and phrases on her list include: "Hospital!" (because she loves to look at her baby book with pictures of us in the hospital) and "rainbow!" She also likes to look at the picture of us right after she was born and point out the IV going into my arm and say "medicine... arm!" Another favorite photo is the one of the doctor holding her, so that she can say: "doctor! hand!"

It's nice, after the doctor acted like it was so odd that she wasn't speaking much, to have her suddenly using all sorts of words that you'd never expect! It was what we thought was likely to happen, and I'm pretty joyful that it's finally here! And she's much less frustrated (most of the time)!

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  1. It is such a fun time!

    (And, it verifies what most of us knew when we read what that pediatrician told you. . .the guy's a dufus.


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