Thursday, December 9, 2010

Danielle Rose's Beautiful Music

Thanks to a tip from Lily (who makes beautiful veils!) I discovered a new favorite musician yesterday! I fell in love with Danielle Rose's music after listening for all of five minutes to her songs and downloaded her album "Pursue Me." Then I discovered that she has an album based on the mysteries of the rosary. It's 23 beautiful songs (I listened to the minute long previews that they have on iTunes) but couldn't drop $19.99 on music (the price of the beautiful album!) at the moment. Maybe I'll download one song every couple of weeks! They are absolutely beautiful! Here's the first one that I heard:


  1. I love Danielle Rose's music. I found her a couple years ago and was bummed that she will no longer be producing albums now that she has joined a religious order. Her album "I Thirst" is my favorite of all that she has done. Probably because I can sing along to it easily. A few great catholic groups to check out are Seraphim: check out the samples of their music. Also a group I just found this past year is L'Angelus. I love their Sacred Hymns album. Here is a music video of their Christmas album: Check out their online store: and listen to the samples. is not selling their Sacred Hymns Album except as used. Bummer cause they have great voices. I think I counted about 8 kids in the family through the pictures on their CD.

  2. Jana, Danielle Rose is now out of the convent and back making music! I saw her in concert and had the wonderful opportunity to meet her in December. :-)


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