Sunday, December 12, 2010

Gaudete Baby!

Maggie got dressed up for Gaudete Sunday! She even wore a little sweater that I knitted when I was pregnant with Sadie.

Sadie on the other hand, refused the pink dress I'd brought down for her and marched upstairs to pick out her own outfit, which included bright pink leggings over a blue and green summer dress. She was quite the sight with her growing out bangs and crazy curls (I brushed them with water, but they instantly go back to their natural "crazy" state).

Maggie fit perfectly into a dress that her late great grandmother gave Sadie before she was born. Sadie wore the dress on her first birthday. Maggie fits into it perfectly at five months. Hopefully once she starts crawling she'll fit into it again (later on). It's one of my favorites:

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  1. omgoodness she is soooooo adorable!!!!!
    my girls both had wild and crazy hair, they had soo much at birth that i had to pin it away from their eyes at 1 month of age. CRAZY!!! lol
    and they never lost one strand of hair either.


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