Monday, December 27, 2010

How Rich Are You?

If you head over to this site you will be able to complete this form to see where you fall in terms of wealth when compared with the rest of the world. Our family ended up being in the top 30%. It's an interesting site! When we put in our information it let me know that if we donated 10% of our income to charity we would still make twice as much as the typical person. It definitely gives me something to think about and helps me to appreciate how blessed we are.

How Rich Am I?

Annual household income (after tax):

Size of your household:

You are in the richest % of the world's population.1

Your income is more than times that of the typical person.2

If you donate 10% of your income…

You will still be in the richest % of the world's population.

Your income will be more than times that of the typical person.

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  1. My Lord and my God, I cannot believe this. I feel so ashamed. I'm going to start tithing whether I think I can afford it or not.


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