Friday, December 3, 2010

Electrolux Disaster!

When buying a big product I think it's important to do research. And after reading this post, I know which kind of washer and dryer we won't ever be purchasing. It's really horrifying. Here's a highlight from Karen's post:
"The repair man from Lowes (where we purchased the machine and the extended warrant plan) came out today and told us this melting of polyester clothing is a very common problem with the Electrolux dyers. I wasn't amused to find out that we're not alone in this misery. Next friday the repair man will be out again to replace the honeycomb grate. He tells us that the melting problem will continue (even after the repair), unless of course, I don't put any polyester articles in the dryer. I purchased this dryer to dry our clothes, not to sit in my laundry room and look pretty while the clothes air dry on a line."

But I'd definitely recommend reading the whole thing if you're considering buying an Electrolux appliance! I have to say I personally was the most upset to read what it did to her daughters lovey (hundreds of dollars of damage was done)! But the whole post is pretty horrifying.

I'm so sorry this happened to you Karen! Definitely keep us posted on their response!


  1. Thanks for helping to spread the word about this horrible dryer, Cam. I do appreciate it. Unfortunately, 18 months ago there was nothing but glowing reviews of this product online. We did a good amount of research before buying it. We had talked to people who had other brands of frond loaders that had issues with mold in the washer and the dry simply not drying the clothes. I think these companies put more effort into making the product look nice than they do in making it a well functioning machine.

  2. That's just got be to unbelievably frustrating! We've had that happen with a smaller purchase where we looked into something and everything seemed great and it was a mini-disaster for us (with a baby product). And now when I checked out the amazon reviews I saw tons of bad ones.

    It definitely will make me nervous when we finally are in a situation that we are shopping for new appliances!

  3. I read the post (before I read yours, actually, since I follow Karen, too), and I couldn't believe it! You buy a machine you think will be a benefit to your family--perhaps even save money if it's an EnergyStar appliance or something like that--and end up paying for another machine in damages to clothes?

    I was impressed that her letter was so level-headed for what she dealt with! I hope that if I faced that situation, I would also be able to have a charitable tongue the way she does!


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