Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top 5 Reasons I'm Thrilled to Be Moving

With the upcoming move and an every growing To-Do list, things have been a little hectic around here. Still, I can’t help but be incredibly thankful. In only a few more weeks we will be completely moved, putting this apartment and all the drama that accompanied it, behind us. While it is a cute little apartment to look at, I started compiling a list of the things that I won’t miss (in my head) these last few days and I think it’s time to put it down on paper. So here it is…

The Top Reasons I am Thrilled to Be Moving

1) The Pot Smoke Situation- Since our umpteenth call to the sheriff’s department the smoke has stopped coming into our apartment (so our neighbors probably had some idea where it was coming through since they had some idea how to stop it). However, because it was so on and off for a while, I’m still more than a little paranoid that it will happen again. And let’s face it, after all those visits from the sheriff’s deputies our drug-influenced neighbors are probably not all that fond of us. I will be thrilled to leave this particular traumatic chapter of our lives behind us.

2) The Electrical Outlet Situation- I haven’t mentioned this one before because it’s brand new. Yesterday I noticed Paul’s computer was half unplugged from the wall. I walked over to push the plug back in and was shocked to feel hot air streaming out of the outlet. I touched the plug and the wall and they were both very hot. We unplugged everything and called the manager (she lives a couple of hours away). This afternoon the electrician arrived and was pretty shocked when he removed the socket. He says it’s not an electrical problem, but that the wall was very hot (although the air wasn’t blowing through at the moment). He thinks somehow one of the heaters is venting into the walls. I think this may partially explain #1 also.

3) The General Dinginess Factor- I worked very hard to make this little apartment homey. I scraped the gum off the cupboards and scrubbed the red lipstick and dirt off the walls. But there were limits to what could be done. The carpet is literally disintegrating (it pretty much was when we moved in...). And it took a major effort not to be a teensy bit jealous when they renovated the apartment next door and put in hardwood floors and new carpeting… You see there's only so much I could do with what I started with. I tried to make a silk purse out of a sow's ear... but there's only so much I could do!

4) The Attempted Break-In- In the wake of the whole Smoke Situation I haven’t had much time to worry over the day we discovered that someone had tried to pry the screen off the second story nursery window. This one on it’s own is enough to make me glad we’re moving to a place where we know quite a few of our neighbors!

5) This is a big one, but I’ll save it for after we move out! I can hardly wait! And after all of this we really better get our cleaning deposit back! I’m going to make sure it’s spotless and considering the condition it was in when we moved it, it shouldn’t even be a question (we took hundreds of pictures and got them put on a dated disk and made a list three pages long of the damage and problems when we moved in, just to make sure… since the owner has a reputation for keeping security deposits according to the former managers!).

Nine days until we can start getting the new place ready (i.e. ripping up the floors!). I am so excited!

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  1. I'm excited for you- there's nothing like clean floors- and neighbors that don't take drugs :)


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