Thursday, December 16, 2010

Daily Dose of Cuteness: A Candy Thief, "Baby G" and A Whirling Pink Tornado

Sadie is suddenly talking a lot more. It's wonderful, because she's much less frustrated most of the time, since she can express herself more clearly. Here were some of today's highlights:

Sadie and Paul made a gingerbread train together. After they finished the train Paul went upstairs to work on a law school application essay. Maggie was upstairs taking a nap (she's sleeping so much better now that she's not hungry!) and I was cleaning up the kitchen. Sadie had been working on making a "castle" under the dining room table but suddenly I noticed she was standing at the edge of the table, reaching as far as she could to pick the candy off of the train (which slowly seemed to make its way towards her). A conversation that went something like this followed:

Me: "Sadie, what do you think Daddy would say about what you're doing?"
Sadie: "No!" Followed by a lull where she stops picking at the train.
Until I glance back over and see that she's doing it again.
Me: "Sadie, what did we decide Daddy would say?"
Sadie: "Good!"
Me: "You think Daddy would say 'good' if he saw you eating the candy of the train you two made?"
Sadie: "Good! O-tay!"

Strangely enough when he came downstairs she changed her tune a bit and said "no!" again (followed by "o-tay! o-tay!" and then "good!" at one point again.). However, most of the candy pieces on the front are gone. I'd be surprised if the train survived the next 24 hours.

Next daily highlight: We've also been talking about the Christmas story (she has the fischer price nativity set) and she brought baby Jesus over to Maggie and told Maggie that he was "Baby Gs!" repeatedly. She then went back over and set up the nativity herself, in the barn, with Mary and one of the wise men on either side of baby Jesus (I think the wise man is in there because he's the same blue color as Mary). And when we said our family rosary tonight she shouted "Gs!" when I finished the first half of our first Hail Mary.

And then there was this video. I call it "The Pink Whirling Tornado." You'll see why if you watch it (and yes, she insists on wearing all of her tutus as tube tops):

And now they are both peacefully asleep. I wonder how long it will last. The Pink Tornado has gotten very good at sneaking silently out of her room, climbing our very tall bed and silently making her way up to my pillow, where I wake to find her. It's amazing how much space one rather small person can take up in a king sized bed. Especially when they have kicky feet.

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